There are so many underlying factors that surround us and threaten our health. Thankfully, there are natural supplements that are available to help cleanse our body of any impurities. One such vitamin that is very effective and needed on a daily basis is vitamin E. What is vitamin E for? What can it remedy? The following list will prove to be a very useful reference guide.

Air Pollution

A number of reports and studies have shown that vitamin E is very effective in counteracting the effects of air pollution. This is not new information, however. Studies do go back to 1970 to prove this. For example, a journal called the Chemical and Engineering News of June 29, 1970, said: “Vitamins appear to play a much more vital role in safeguarding lungs from the ravages of air pollutants than has been generally realized.” Additionally, it was pointed out that vitamins A and E “help maintain lung health—vitamin E may protect vitamin A from destruction by air pollutants, while A directs formation of healthy cells in the lining of the lung.”

Some researchers believe that vitamin E may prevent respiratory diseases caused by air pollution. A nutrition and food technology manager named Dr. D. B. Menzel, said: “Laboratory tests on rats show that those enriched with vitamin E live twice as long as rats (deprived of vitamin e), in an atmosphere which simulates smog concentrations like those found over Los Angeles or Tokyo on a bad day.” So by incorporating vitamin E in your diet, it aids in the cleansing process against pollutants that we breathe in on a daily basis.

Sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis

For the most part nutritionists generally believe from their research that vitamin E can help a patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Notice what Nutritionist Adelle Davis reports in her book Let’s Get Well: “When patients suffering from MS have been given vitamins E, B6, and other B vitamins, the illness has been arrested; even advanced cases improved in walking and had better bladder control and fewer arm and leg spasms. The calcification of soft tissues has been prevented with vitamin E. It seems to me that all of these nutrients should be emphasized in the diet of any individual suffering from this disease.”

Also, nutritionist Catharyn Elwood documented the work of Doctor J. E. Crane’s study back in 1950 in regards to the supplementation of vitamin E on patients with MS. She stated: “he has had wonderful success with vitamin E treatment of MS. Of 24 severe cases, 18 ‘improved markedly.’” Research has proven that vitamin E is very useful in the treatment of MS.


Physicians that specialize in nutritional medicine recommend various remedies to reduce hot flashes, one of which is vitamin E. Vaginal dryness can also be remedied by the application of vitamin E oil.*

Supplementation for Athletes

Several years ago the Soviet Academy of Medical Sciences – Nutrition Institute, performed an experiment for three weeks on 34 cyclists and 37 skiers ranging from the ages of 18 to 25. They found that the level of vitamin E fell during the training period, but among those receiving supplementary vitamin E, the level remained normal. It was noted that their performance capacity was improved in comparison with the control group that did not receive supplementary vitamin E.

Fulfill Your Daily Requirement

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So this is just a little guide to help us understand the benefits of vitamin E. It is very important to us and we should not go a day without incorporating it in our diet. Try your best to include it and you will continue to maintain good health by doing so.

*Please consult your doctor before implementation.

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