Till the publication of this article, there is no an official explanation of Vitamin D5 on Wiki, which is the reason why it’s been made a topic. Vitamin D5 is one of the six different forms of Vitamin D, and the rest are Vitamin D2, D3, D4, D6, and D7. The often called Vitamin D commonly refers to Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. The former one is produced by plants, thus can be obtained by food; the latter one is made in bodies.

Vitamin D5 is also named as sitocalciferol, discovered by Edward Mellanby in 1919 during his classic experiments with rickets. Being different from D2 and D3, vitamin D5 is synthetically produced as an analog of Vitamin D3 but with less toxicity and better capability to be applied for pharmaceutical purposes. Design originated, vitamin D5 is tried for numerous diseases treatment including cancers like breast and prostate as it’s about 180-fold less active than vitamin D3, in calcification of rachitic cartilage and about 100- to 200-fold less active in induction of bone calcium mobilization.

The researches and studies on employing vitamin D5 is in a trend to increase for that the compound shows more potential as an anti-tumor agent in recent years though the idea has been put up in 00’s of 21 century. The mature chemistry synthesis technologies enhanced the trend with it being likely to cost much lower than years ago.

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From the practical applications of Vitamin D5 it can be judged that Vitamin D3 as the vitamin types with easy access in daily lives can’t be deficient or over-acquired. Bad consequences would be result for both situations.

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