Where did you learn how to see. How did you acquire vision. What is vision.

Let us look at the actual process of seeing. Before we can see anything, there must be something to look at. So the first step is that something exists. Then that object reflects light. That reflected light is picked up by our eyes, no need to go too deep into the physiology of how the eyes work for now. From the eyes, the image, reflected light, is transmitted to our brain, where it is interpreted.

This interpretation is done by the brain taking the image of reflected light and superimposing it on a vast library of other images to find a match. Once a match is found, then the brain knows what it is seeing and classifies it to the conscious mind, who then communicates with the personality and you can continue on your way knowing what you are looking at and therefore how to deal with it.

What happens when you are seeing something for the first time. Normally when we are growing up, we are told what everything is. We see something and our parent says, “Moo, cow.” And so we learn what things are. This is part of our limited programming of interpreting reflected light. Get the point?

Understand how we have learnt to understand what we see. This is fine and functions well enough for our physical vision from the point of physical vision alone. But what about all the interpretations that go on between an object reflecting light and the point where our personality has to deal with that thing. First of all, shadows make a large difference in the way we perceive things. So right away we can see how simply the alteration of light can completely change our perception of what we are looking at, and of course that means it will effect how we deal with it. And that is assuming we see it at all.

Now there is another kind of seeing. That of spiritual/mental seeing, seeing with other faculties. As we now know, we are made up of many different parts beyond the physical body. All those parts can see too. They transmit to our consciousness what they are seeing just as the physical eyes do. The problem is that our consciousness is so dense that we do not understand how to translate those images sent to us by the subtle body eyes of each chakra or auric layer, and so we do not recognize what they see for us. This is because we have never been taught how to use those eyes.

Learning to use them is easy. Although it takes much effort on reprogramming our consciousness. The subtle eyes function like physical eyes, in that they see and transmit information, however, the organs of interpretation of those subtle images have to be awakened and developed in order for the information to be adequately translated into a form that we can use in our normal conscious state (sleep state). In the sleep state, we cannot really understand or even know that those eyes are working, so this leads us to the first step. Awakening.

Let us now journey on to the process of developing the ability to use the subtle eyes.
First, we must know they exist. This is done by developing understanding through knowledge, and then through exercises that increase sensitivity to the subtle layers of our being. This is very simply done by the aura balance, sound touching the chakras, or moving energy in Tai Chi. Any method that makes you feel something that your physical eyes can not see. This proves the existence of more than material things and that is enough to start.

Second, understand and connect the interpreting organs of mind. This is done by realization of your sleep state and beginning the work of awakening. Simply stated, self observation. So we can actually begin to use the subtle eyes every now and then as we take a moment to self observe with the intention to see through these eyes.

Third, we must understand that the interpreting organ for these eyes is not the same as the physical brain that interprets for the physical eyes. This organ must be cleansed before it can function. The physical brain and eyes will function no matter how faulty they are. This is like having bad vision, or believing what you see in the shadows is really a monster when you are a child. In the subtle realm, the organs of interpretation, the mind and heart, must be cleansed before we can see through those eyes. Although it is important to mention that we can get glimpses through the subtle eyes even if the organs are not cleansed enough, and that is usually when we can get wrong impressions thinking that we feel something. Sometimes you can get a right impression, but the belief that you are correct until you develop a clear sensing organ is dangerous as it can lead to yet greater misinterpretations. Your impressions will be clouded although it may appear clear. Until then, you will have to make due with what you have.

Summary. Know these eyes exist, know that you must learn how to use them, clean the organs that they function through, and then begin to use them.

The cleaning of the organs of interpretation is the greatest difficulty and most important part, since those eyes never need glasses, they are fine as they are. This leads to the most important point that is so very crucial to develop regardless of ever developing the ability to see, although connected to that.

The mind, ego, personality, in this case they are all the same since each of us has our own interpretation of these names and our being. Choose the name you like to understand that we are talking about the part of us that we think with. For now, we call it mind.

The mind functions based on programming. Our mind is a lazy organ that wants to work the least possible it can. When we are faced with a new situation, taste, feeling, anything new, the mind must work to classify this new feeling so that it can tell the personality, which tells the body, how to deal with it. Thinking and classifying something new takes time as well as effort. This time of processing can lead to serious harm if the event needs immediate attention, so the mind rather makes associations by searching in memory for the event. That is much quicker than analyzing a new event.

Because of this, our minds do not allow for new experiences and that means limited growth. Since we are not aware or in full control of all our parts, we cannot prevent this from happening. Again, this is due to being asleep and corrected by being awake. Now you ask, how to awake sufficiently so that you can correct this problem as fast as possible. Simply, you must take every situation as new.

Although many events will be the same as before, and we are not telling you to throw away logic and good reason, we do suggest that you take each event as new in that there are some different factors from that event that you are trying to associate with a previous event in memory. Have an open mind. Question what you see.

Questioning what you see is not as simple as you think. This does not mean to doubt what you see, but rather to doubt your interpretation of what you see. Remind yourself that you are seeing through the physical eyes and mind that are not interested in working hard enough to interpret new situations. They are interested in avoiding effort and emotional or physical pain. So they immediately take each image to the worst possible match to bring up fear, and therefore have you avoid the situation.

Question things like your opinion of a person from another culture who acts differently than you would in your culture. You determine if this person is polite or rude based on their actions, your opinion of their actions, the way you see things. But this has nothing to do with the person you are looking at. You have determined that you have seen a rude person without seeing the action objectively on its own. You have not learnt to see with your heart, you are only looking through your eyes and mind with the brain searching memory for what this action is called based solely on your personal programming and experience. Or what about tastes, sweet and sour, spicy or mild. You determine what is good or bad based on your opinion. Any event, good or bad, it is all in your mind based on how you see things.

This is what we mean by learning how to see. There is so much more to seeing than physically seeing, and you have never been taught how to think when you see. You are told to think before you act, but who told you to think after you see. Only by this manner of seeing can you begin to see things objectively and therefore get the most out of life. It is so vitally important to your growth that you learn this new way of seeing, first with your mind and then naturally with your subtle eyes. This way of seeing may begin to answer many of the confusing questions we have about life in general as well as those confusing actions that cannot be explained.

So you must know that this is how your mind is functioning and question if that is truly the correct thing you are seeing as a reflection of light. An interesting experience is to watch a mountain or large object with many sides and texture from morning to night, or at least for a few hours from sunrise to mid morning or from a few hours before sunset until after the sun is down. Watch how different that object looks, as if it is not the same thing. The mind does the same thing with all situations. Things change in time and in different lights. All you need to do is realize this and no longer take everything as it appears to you until you are capable of seeing objectively, as if for the first time.

The technical process is as follows. The physical eyes see, they transmit to the brain, which if you are in an awake conscious state, the brain then communicates with the subtle organs. Now we have the full array of our parts that are interpreting the reflected light. This means that not only are we simply dealing with the reflection, but what is it that is making the reflection, since the subtle eyes do not function based on reflected light, but rather they function based on the object that is reflecting the light, and deeper than that, they see the essence of the object that is reflecting light.

One day, these subtle eyes may function as easily and quickly as the physical eyes do, but until then, it takes effort and slows down your process of interacting with the world. It may be so small a delay that no one would notice, but you will. This is just one more of those things that must be done in order to grow to be what you can be.

In closing, remind yourself to have an open mind, know that you have abilities to see more than what you can physically see, and that when you use physical eyes, and an asleep mind to interpret what you see, you will never see what is really going on. These thoughts alone, throughout the day as much as you can, will begin the opening of the eyes that can see what reflects rather than what is reflected.

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