The VASER liposuction or lip sculpture HD is an advanced aesthetic process that results in a lean and sculpted appearance. It works by removing the fat that surrounds the muscles in the treated areas, to improve their visibility and underlying toning.

The method can be performed on multiple areas of the body, but the most popular include abdomen, chest, waist, back, buttocks, among others.

How is it the procedure?
First, local and aesthesia is administered to the intervened areas to numb the area. Additionally, this achieves shrinkage of the blood vessels (which minimizes bruising). A VASER probe that is around 3mm in diameter then emits a fat-specific ultrasonic wave, which breaks up the fat cells and leaves the surrounding tissues safe and sound. The physician is able to sculpt and define the muscles through a gentle suction process that causes minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.

In addition, the postoperative period of the lipo vaser is relatively simple, it is not required to spend the night in the hospital or enter it, so we can usually return to our home on the same day.

The VASER results
Muscle structures are chiseled and the underlying muscles are made to be more visible and well defined. The results of the high definition VASER procedure are highly defined. Treatment is often chosen to demarcate pectorals and defined arms, abdominal flanks, or a strong, defined upper and lower back. VASER results are usually seen after a couple of weeks of the procedure.

If a patient has struggled with weight gain, and only with diet and exercise has not found the necessary changes, VASER can help. This procedure uses a precise, minimally invasive technology. It is liposuction that produces striking results in a procedure and the technology offers many advantages over traditional treatments. It is powerful enough to remove substantial areas of fat, yet gentle enough to treat delicate areas like the neck and arms. The VASER has been clinically proven with amazing results, leaving the skin soft and smooth and the body well contoured.

VASER benefits
• This is an improved method of ultrasound-assisted by liposuction methods. VASER is defined as the best way to mobilize fat and then drive it out of the body. Works best in large areas. Contributes to the contraction of the skin.
• If the patient is considering a liposuction method that helps shape their body with less risk, this is the minimally invasive technique recommended.
• It has the advantage that it can be combined with other equally effective methods such as tumescent liposuction. This allows you not only to contour the skin but also helps to tighten it to give a smooth appearance.
• Reduction in recovery time, as the patient's downtime, will be short compared to traditional liposuction methods.
• Less pain, since, being third generation ultrasounds, there is a greater improvement in the technique.
• Smaller cannulas are used, which means that the patient will experience less pain during the procedure.
• Effective in difficult areas. It works on areas of the body that are generally difficult to access, such as the double chin or neck.
• Smooth and well-contoured body. Through this method, the results are much better in the long run. Four months after the operation, the patient's skin will appear fresh and healthy.

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