Trading in Stock, Commodity or Forex there are lots of opportunity to learn and earn, despite of this opportunity most of the traders fail to learn how to become a successful trader. And don’t achieve good result in this market. In fact 90% trader losing money in this market. That’s why i created this article for those people who want to be a professional profitable trader.

To become a discipline trader you must have a trading system. Without trading system can’t be a discipline trader, if you are not a discipline trader then you will be not a profitable trader.

What is Trading System?

Trading system means specific rules of entry and exit consistently base on methodology (Technical or Fundamental) so that gives a statistical edge. Which is 90% trader don’t have trading system.

In a trading system there are three criteria therefore we must develop to become a profitable trader

1.Trading Strategy
2.Position Sizing

Do you want to know how to become a successful trader in the stock market? Read this carefully and think within your mind and review again why you always the losses in the stock market. Every day,many traders earn huge money in this investment and also lose huge money in a day because if this fastest investment in the world. So. to become more confident and be successful in trading you must have the attitude and strategy.

The first thing you must have in your self is the calm mind. The calm mind always takes us in a state that we know in reality what we want to do. The successful trader always has a calm mind when they are trading. They can analyst the market with focus and every day they can earn thousand of money. We also know that, out there many the best tools for use while trade but if you do not have this mind it is always the same.

Besides, you also must have the best strategy that suits your style. Always research and practice in a demo account before you become the real trader. Open a demo account in the stock is the best for us to practice and to get the best strategy that suits us. Every trader has a different strategy. When you have found the strategy that suits style, I can guarantee that you can earn a huge of money every day.

Finally, do not be too greedy. Many traders fail because of this. When they see they earn huge money in their account, they want to earn more. You must control yourself when you in a situation like this. A successful trader can control themselves to be more disciplined and trade with the best attitude. Do not become like people in the casino.

The conclusion stock is the one of the fastest investments to make a huge of money in a short time. Even so, you must control yourself and have the best strategy that suits your style. Also always in the calm state.

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