This post answers the question, "What is TikTok Plus?"

I'm sure you have heard of TikTok, the popular social media site.

If you are only now just exploring social media sites like TikTok, you'll find more social media platforms here where you can network and make online friends:

TikTok is a great social media site for the following reasons:
TikTok is entertaining.
TikTok is educational.
TikTok provides networking opportunities.
TikTok helps marketers.
TikTok is easy to learn to use.
TikTok's filters are amazing.
You can get free music when you do a TikTok MP3 download.
TikTok's editing features are a cut above the rest.

TikTok's Filters vs Snapchat's Filters
In a comparison of TikTok's filters vs Snapchat's filters, I prefer TikTok's filters although Snapchat's filters helped to make Snapchat such a popular site. If you are interested in more advantages of Snapchat, you'll find them here:

Use TikTok to download free music:
Here you will find free instructions to download TikTok music in MP3 format and even MP4, video format without the watermark:

The last reason on the list of convincing reasons to use TikTok mentioned the video editing capacity which seems to improve daily. I feel I'm a better video editor as a result of using TikTok's easy editing functions. More information about video editing can be found here:
If Splice doesn't suit you despite its massive free music library, here are splice alternatives:

So, what is TikTok++?
According to my research, TikTok ++ has extra features such as being able to download Mp4 on your iOS device. Please note: I haven't tried this app since I read both pros and cons of it.
If you are interested in more information about video downloaders you will find them here.
Here is information about how to download Pinterest video for free:
Are you familiar with YouTube Shorts? They are short YouTube videos less than 1 minute long.
Here is information about how to download YouTube Shorts video for free.

Wrapping Up
In closing, you now know what TikTok++ is.
If all this information about TikTok convinces you that you are ready to learn to grow a TikTok account of your own, you will find free strategies here:

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