Has life insurance any worth is the question people without vision normally ask as they feel that all that is necessary for one’s existence is just to enjoy the best of everything that nature provides (both valuable and mundane) that comes their way. Many even say that once they diligently take care of today, tomorrow should be left to take care of itself the way it likes and that is why talking about life insurance to them is like when a music band is playing to a group of deaf and dumb people.

To some people, the idea of going to the Biblical paradise is a sweet song for their ears but the thought of an ultimate end which is the lot of anyone that is born by a woman is a meaningless anathema so they never want to think about it not minding the fact that it must come when it will come irrespective of age, social status, color or influence in life. Whenever they hear anything life insurance, it is just you are telling them to plan about their funeral in advance even if they have not reason for so doing.

It is quite an undeniable fact that life insurance is as important as human existence itself just like what the air is to any living organism be it human, animal or plant. Whatever may be one’s station of life today, it is always good to think about the inevitable reality of tomorrow particularly what will become of one’s lot when the ultimate end that is death knocks at one’s door beckoning one to the other side of the great terrestrial divide. Whichever way one looks at it since the natures makes it possible for the humanity to have both morning and night and so it is with every human being who must start from the cradle and ends in the grave where life itself will be as useless as a disused toilet paper.

The reality, in this case, is that if you think that life insurance is only for the living and can only be a supplemental income to take care of both your immediate and remote needs while you are living, what about the pecuniary benefits that will help your survivors and loved ones to secure a good means of financial survival when you are no more? Whichever way one may look at it, there is no way money can replay the irreparable loss that death has caused a household, but it can help to assuage the existing financial burdens, pay the bills and meet other social expenses that will be too heavy for the next of kin to singly bear.

Life insurance, today, is an inevitable necessity because the ever rising financial demands now make it imperative for both the husband and wife to work since the ever rising social responsibility and burden are always too great for the man, the normal breadwinner to bear no matter the level of his income. It, in this case, stands to reason that if one of them passes away to the world beyond, the responsibility of running both the home and the family now lies on the surviving spouse who automatically becomes the new sole breadwinner. A family that is well protected by life insurance is a very reasonable one since it is just a matter of falling back on another indirect saving to make life easy for the entire loved ones and that is the worth of life insurance.

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The author is the Executive Director of Pan-African Reconciliation Centre and also a leader in the third sector of the global economy. His passion for a life turning point for the grassroots populace led him to the business world.

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