The Benefits Of The Work Triangle

Planning a kitchen design can be very challenging because there are several facets of the kitchen that must be considered during kitchen remodeling. These facets include counter top placement, electrical wiring, heating, plumbing, and placement of cabinets. Kitchen design must be done to meet the visual tastes of the client, while maximizing functional efficiency. Therefore, to make the planning process easier, during kitchen renovation Mclean VA, kitchen designers use the 'work triangle' to create a kitchen that is both attractive and easy to work in. For the purpose of the work triangle is to design a kitchen that is easy to work in.

It is important to note that the work triangle is a guideline for kitchen renovation and is not a rule. Therefore, kitchen designers have the freedom to use or reject the work triangle depending on their preferences, and client objectives. The work triangle makes planning easier to do, but also restricts kitchen designers from being creative in their kitchen designs, and certain homeowners may not be pleased with the design plan. Lifestyle is more important than functionality, and the entire purpose of kitchen renovation Mclean VA is to provide home owners a kitchen that is more suited to their lifestyle.

Kitchen Designers Should Be Careful When Using The Work Triangle In Kitchen Renovation Mclean VA

The work triangle restricts creativity because it comes with certain conditions, which are:

  • No traffic patterns should cross the triangle
  • The work triangle must not cut through the kitchen peninsula by more than twelve inches
  • The work triangle should not be larger than twenty-six feet in total.

Hence, the work triangle poses significant challenges for kitchen designers in Mclean VA because not all spaces in a kitchen are conducive to the work triangle. Thus, forcing designers to invent a different type of design plan to create an efficient kitchen to work in.

The work triangle plan in kitchen renovation is created on several assumptions that may not be applicable for every house in Mclean, VA. For example, the work triangle assumes that there is only going to be one person working in the kitchen, when in reality there could be several people moving around in the kitchen at the same time. The work triangle also assumes that there are no more than three workstations in the kitchen which is not always the case. Hence, kitchen renovators have to be very careful when using the work triangle plan during kitchen renovation Mclean VA.

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