What Is The Spiritual Life? Part Three.

In Parts 1 and 2 of What Is The Spiritual Life, we discovered that THE SPIRIT LIFE
is not depended on any external circumstances or situations.

A person begins to live THE SPIRITUAL LIFE the moment he realizes and accepts the fact that he is not his PHYSICAL BODY and he is not his EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS or FALSE EGO.

People who still 'believe' themselves to be only a physical body uses the


Psychic Techniques to progress or digress in the world.

Men, Women, and children who are ENLIGHTENED and know they are not their PHYSICAL BODIES use the most known and popular Psychic Technique of


This is easily understood when you remember that man is a triune individual made up of three Major Parts:

It is METAPSYCHICS that introduced the PRIME AXIOM term for the SOUL, when the SOUL rules the body, which is:


This concept is new and greater than the two axioms that came before it.

In Part two we discovered that even when man realizes he is not his PHYSICAL BODY, he becomes a PSYCHIC ENTITY {PE} which is in reality, the false ego no matter how good, bad, holy or unholy, it may BE or ACT.

THE MIND is a CAUSE and EFFECT unit, whereas the PHYSICAL BODY is an EFFECT either of the mind or the environment.

Being a PSYCHIC ENTITY is better than being a mere meat body, but it is not the optimum life or existence of the real person and he is also subject to the rollercoaster effect of going between CAUSE and EFFECT unconsciously.

This "ROLLER COASTER EFFECT" {You get better, you get worst, you get better, you get worst}, can drive one insane, neurotic, and anxious. It can make one undisciplined, and uncertain of anything in one's life that the confusing results [causes and effects] can lead to physical and psychosomatic ills and suicide.
Man can live his whole life as a Psychic Entity{PE} and be relatively happy and prosperous.

Now, in Part Three, we will discuss THE SOUL in part.
THE SOUL of the person is the TRUE EGO of the person.
It is the YOU of you.

IT is also called in METAPSYCHICS, FIRST CAUSE, for it the true CAUSE of the mind and body and even your world and universe.

Whereas the BODY is {upon training} the EFFECT of THE MIND.

This is the best ViewPoint for man and mankind.
For THE SOUL is THE COMMAND POST of the body and mind.

When man operates{act} from the higher VIEWPOINT OF SOULman is a CREATOR, RE-CREATOR, and UN-CREATOR.

This is important.
For these qualities need to be exercised in man and mankind.
It makes up his true Psychic Nature.

Knowing that man is his own ETERNAL SOUL is only half the battle, but enough to change the world.

A SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} may seem disinterested and even 'cold-hearted' for he is not in possession of a SOUL, HE IS THE SOUL and does not lament the death of the PHYSICAL BODY.

But man must also FUNCTION as a SPIRITUAL BEING {SP} {Soul}
if he wishes to be truly happy, successful and free.


Because in reality, this is what man truly is, and you are now.

Believe it or not.

Author's Bio: 

Bruce {Brewster} Peterson was born in Columbus, Ohio and has been writing for over 40 years.
He graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a B. A. in Psychology and Telecommunications.
He served in the U.S. Navy as a Electronics Technician for over 4 years.
He has over 20 self-help and self-empowering books published and on sale at Amazon.com/Books.
Brewster is also the Founder and President of The MetaPsychics Church and Foundation.
It's Motto is:
"Helping Others, Help Themselves."
MetaPsychics is the only Transcendental Technology available to mankind today.