The appearance of modern materials for creating a roof does not mean that traditional coatings are no longer in demand. The choice of how the roofs of houses are covered depends both on the preferences of customers and on the shape of the structure, which should be aesthetically attractive, durable and consistent with its functionality.

It is the roof that accounts for the main loads from the effects of precipitation and wind, therefore, when buying material for the roof surface, its characteristics are taken into account:

safety and fire resistance;
ease of installation;
resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
reliable waterproofing;
convenience in operation;
resistance to ultraviolet;
a variety of colors;
affordable cost.
what the roof of the house consists of

In turn, the following factors affect the durability of the roofing:

roof pitch;
temperature difference;
intensity of ultraviolet radiation;
exposure to aggressive chemicals, as they may be present in precipitation.

When choosing a roof covering, the weight of the roofing “pie” is taken into account, since the type of the rafter system depends on this. The various layers of materials that make up the roof of a house differ not only in appearance but also in size and installation technology. Find more at the

Today, sheet roofing is considered the most popular in the field of housing construction, since the simplicity of installation works makes it possible to perform them independently, without involving professionals.

Types of sheet roofing materials

Asbestos-cement slate . Its sheets, as seen in the photo, have a wavy surface.
This material is made using asbestos-cement and Portland cement mixtures, so it simultaneously has durability and fragility. Sheets have a standard length of 175 centimeters, and their width is from 98 to 113 centimeters. Slate thickness can be no more than 8 millimeters. The step of the waves is - 15 or 20 centimeters, and their height is 40 or 54 millimeters. This roofing material perfectly tolerates temperature changes and can last about 30-40 years.

Assembling the roof of a house with a slate coating is simple, but since it is fragile, you must work with it carefully. Damaged asbestos-cement sheets can be easily exchanged for new elements, since it is quite simple to cover the roof with slate . Previously, slate had such a disadvantage as a color change during the first year of operation, since it has a porous surface on which dirt is easily collected. But thanks to modern technology, it became possible to paint sheets of material in various colors. Painting significantly improves the appearance of slate and extends the life of up to 50 years.

The low cost made asbestos-cement sheets in demand when it is necessary to perform overlapping on outbuildings. When buying slate, you should pay attention to the presence of cracks, dents, sinks, holes and other surface defects. The edges of the sheets should be trimmed evenly and not have delamination.

Metal roofing . Galvanized steel and aluminum sheets differ from other roofing products in their durability and strength. The technology of manufacturing the roof with their use provides that interconnected individual sheets are connected by means of folds (read: " Painting the galvanized roof "). In total, there are four types of fold connections: single standing and single lying folds, double standing and double lying folds. The lath for the installation of sheets of metal roofing is either continuous or with a small interval between the rails (more: " Seam roof: installation - instructions ").

This type of coating is divided into 3 types. The most durable (service life of about 30 years) are galvanized sheets. Un galvanized and decapitated sheet products have a shorter life.

A metal roof compares favorably with a low cost, as well as the fact that it can be mounted on roofs with a small slope. A negative point is its fragility and lack of an aesthetic component. When purchasing a roof made of metal, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the sheets of roofing products have a rectangular shape, a smooth surface on which there is a crystallization pattern of the coating, which appears as a result of hot galvanizing.

As a manufacturing material, aluminum is more durable than galvanized steel, but at the same time its cost is higher. The aluminum coating is almost resistant to corrosion, so it will last at least 80 years (according to manufacturers).
The folded roof is the best choice from everything that roofs of houses are covered with .
roof restoration

For all its merits, it also has disadvantages:

due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal surface, such a coating does not protect well from the summer heat and winter cold;
the roof makes a lot of noise during rain or hail.

Metal tile . It is a sheet of roofing products, the profile of which imitates the appearance of natural tiles. They make metal tiles from profiled galvanized steel. This material has an anti-corrosion coating. It is sold after staining with special paints. The life of a metal tile is similar to the durability of metal roofs, it has the same disadvantages.

The ease of installation and excellent appearance made this type of roof popular; it is often used when arranging private cottages and summer cottages, as well as when replacing the roof of a house. Knowing how to cover the roof with metal tiles , the work can be done independently.

Euro slate (ondulin) or bitumen-cardboard roof. This coating is a corrugated compressed cardboard, which is impregnated under high pressure with bituminous mastics. The outer surface of the euro slate is painted in several layers with special paints. Due to this, its durability is about 30 years. Among the advantages of ondulin, one should especially note the affordable cost, low specific gravity and ease of installation (read also: " What is better than ondulin or metal tile "). The main disadvantage is the low mechanical strength. Euro slate during heavy rain or when it is hail makes loud noises.

Mastic (membrane or bulk) roof. This is nothing more than a polymer film laid on the roof surface, which must be prepared in advance. It is important to consider the technology of membrane roofing .

Its second name is liquid rubber roofing, since a mastic roof applied in a thin layer to the roof is similar in characteristics to a rubber coating.

Among the advantages of a bulk roof should be noted:

excellent waterproofing due to monolithic coating;
resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
high temperature resistance;
small specific gravity.
mastic roof

When restoration of a roof having small surface defects or small cracks is carried out, mastic films will perfectly eliminate the disadvantages.

Roll roofing . In its production, a layer of bitumen is applied to a fabric or cardboard base. Such a roof has been known for a long time. Its traditional representatives are roofing material and roofing, and modern products are glassisol or glassine. Synthetic-based roll materials have excellent frost resistance and good thermal insulation qualities. The longest life is present in roll coatings, which are based on synthetic fabrics.

The installation technology of such a roof is simple: first, on a flat surface (previously prepared), the roofing material is laid in several layers, each of them is poured with liquid bitumen. At the junction of the strips of material, their edges are additionally glued and melted. To impart mechanical resistance to the roll roof, it is covered with bulk materials from above, for which coarse sand or fine gravel is most often used. This type of roll-up roof is one of the most popular ways to equip not only farm buildings, it is often used when the roof of a country house or summer house is created (read: " How to roof the roof with roofing material ").

Soft roof . It is mounted from shingles. In the production of this roofing material, polymer fabric or fiberglass is impregnated with bitumen-polymer compositions. The reverse side of the tiles is covered with a self-adhesive layer. For those developers who are able to independently lay linoleum or glue wallpaper, installing bituminous tiles with their own hands will seem like an easy task.

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