Do you know when an emergency will arise? No! It may occur anytime without any prior notification. Well trained security guards will play an essential role by responding to such times. 

Importance of Security Guards 

Suppose an intruder breaks down inside the office compound and suddenly an alarm starts ringing. It is a big challenge for common men to react in such an unexpected situation. Then the importance of security guards in Shellharbour is recognized. They will do either of the followings:

Giving a call to clients 

Waiting for the police

Carrying out a proper investigation of the area

In either of the ways, the security guard will react to prevent taking the incident to the next level.

Ability to Respond to Various Types of Alarms

The ability to respond to various types of alarms is also a great job. Highly trained and experienced security guards in Wollongong can understand basic principles in association with multiple alarm systems.

Various types of alarms that are used most commonly and are easily gauged by well-trained security guards are:

Infrared signal - An infrared alarm is a particular type of alarm that helps in detecting motion in areas. It will respond based on changes in terms of heat. 

Seismic alarms - Seismic alarms are very much helpful in detecting physical shocks if any. Physical shocks are available in various frequency ranges, including breaking of glasses. 

Ultrasonic alarms - Ultrasonic alarms are rare types of signals that help in detecting motion. Motion detection takes place with the help of bouncing sound waves. 

Physical contacts - In this case, alarms go active when two different parts of the sensor come apart whenever the door and window are opened. Professionals involved in the field of providing security in Shellharbour will be of great help in such critical situations. 

Photoelectric beams - The photo-electric beam gains activation the moment it detects a broken or visible infrared beam.

Microwaves - This particular type of alarm will help in detecting movements that take place with the bouncing of microwaves.

Vibration - It is a particular type of alarm that helps in detecting movements that take place using sensitive sensors. These sensors are mounted on unique structures, including fences. 

Tripwires - This alarm responds whenever someone bumps a stung wire physically. 

Whenever an alarm rings, the security guard will inform his group of guards and the supervisor. Once the crime is witnessed, special measures will be taken to ensure high safety in the area. 

Additional Roles Played by Security Guards

High-level safety and security is the dire need of the hour. Whether it is home or any office building! Apart from ensuring high security, additional roles played by professional and well-trained security guards in Shellharbour are:

Assessing the safety level of the area

Managing safety and security of team members

Providing ongoing monitoring of context and risks

Providing security briefings to managers regularly.

Hiring a team of professional security guards will benefit you manifold. Along with ensuring high safety, you will enjoy numerous additional benefits. 


Hiring a team of professional security guards will help in high security of the property. It will also provide the best assistance in an emergency.

Author's Bio: 

The author has been working in a reliable firm that has gained a reputation for providing the best security services in Shellharbour for years.