Every decision taken for your child is very important. Our actions and decisions leave a remarkable impact on children’s minds. So it is very important that we take our decisions very carefully. A lot of couples get confused on the question of letting their kids sleep alone. In western countries, kids start sleeping alone at a very young age. Parents make their kids sleep alone after an age of three. This article will help you a lot in knowing the best age for kids to sleep alone.

A Tricky Decision

But according to Indian culture, kids sleep with their parents only till their mid- teen age. As we are following western culture nowadays, so this has also come along. Parents, as well as kids, wish to make them sleep in their separate rooms. But some intellectual parents do care that at what age of their kids, they should take this decision.

This decision will definitely affect the mindset and the growing years of your kids. So it should be taken after much thinking. This decision can be taken after knowing much about the thinking pattern of the kids as well as the parents. You might be thinking that- what is the right age for your kid to sleep in a different room?

 So, you should consider the below- listed points before deciding about this-

Readiness of your Kid

This should be a mutual decision from the parents and the kids. Sometimes parents think that their kids should become independent and mature. And for this, they start convincing their kids to sleep in a different room. It is also possible that they want to enjoy their relationship. So for this also they try that their kids sleep in separate rooms.

But they should also think about the readiness of their kids. Kids should be completely ready to handle themselves at night on their own.

Mental State of your Child

Some kids agree to sleep in separate rooms but because of their reserved nature. Parents should take complete care about the mental state of their kids. If they are reserved, they should not be made to sleep alone. Parents should give them complete time and think about letting them sleep alone or not. The mental state of the child should also be ready to accept this change.

According to the Western Culture, it should be 3 - 4 years

According to western people, children should always be made independent and mature. They should be given enough space to handle themselves. They make their kids sleep in different rooms from the age of three years. Their kids are given proper enthusiasm and boost to have the courage and sleep on their own.

According to the Indian culture, it should be 10-11 years

Indian parents are more concerned and loving towards their kids. They make their kids sleep with them till their teenage. This is done out of their love and concern. But as the times are changing, couples are realizing that they have their own relationships to enjoy. They feel like making their kids independent and then spending some quality times with each other.

The families, who still believe older traditions, make their kids sleep with them only. Nevertheless, we have started following western culture in this case also. So Indian couples start making their kids sleep in different rooms after three- four years.

Final Thoughts

Parents should consider the overall mentality of their kids before making them sleep in different rooms. In India, kids of age 3-4 years can be allowed to sleep in different rooms. However, if they are not ready, then they should not be compelled to do it. It should be a mutual decision of parents and kids both.

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