Healing is embracing what you fear most.
Healing is the opening of what was previously closed.
Healing is the softening of what was hardened to a blockade.
Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how they are.
Healing is learning to trust life.
Healing is to know that I am.

Healing can happen if you take a different view. Every coin has two sides. I can always look at everything only negative: "It will work out anyway! " "Why should I be lucky?", "It's not for me!"

Dare a paradigm shift:
- What is really relevant to live a happy and fulfilling life?
- How to increase your success in life?
- How do you win a maximum of quality of life?
- What decisions do you need to take urgently?

Currently, we are encouraged massively to say goodbye to things / relationships that no longer function and are therefore no longer part of our lives. Do not look back and hold on things which need to go. Thus you will not see the opportunities that lie before you.

Open yourself, become part of the process to find out who you really are and why you did incarnate to be here right now.

Why I'm here - just in the time of great changes?
1) What is my purpose to be incarnated at this time?
2) What is my contribution in this life that increases the quality of life for everybody?
3) What is the reason for what I do right now (in all areas of life)
4) What do I want to leave to those who come after me?
5) What inspires me?

I wish you much fun on your way to find out your purpose of this life!


Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a dedicated success and business coach to lead people in a life without fear and worries! Fear is just mind cinema it has hadly anything to do with our aktual life.
She sets up a team of experts to coach small and medium businesses and people who want to set up their business.