Google is regarded as the top search engine in the internet. The experts conclude that a large portion of the traffic coming to the internet is from Google SE. The immense popularity of this search engine can be best utilized by the search engine optimizer. The process of optimization is performed to increase the popularity of a website and its visitors.

The SEO performs the optimization works for a website. He can alter the contents and modify the design and template of the website in order to get more number of visitors and clients. Keywords are the most critical part in deciding the fate of the website in the SE. Choose the best appropriate keyword and you will get the best customers who are really interested in your product.

The Google SEO should also be expert at optimizing the domains in the website. They can also concentrate in the title tags, Meta tags and the description to make it friendlier to the search engine spiders.

There are many techniques used by the Google SEO to optimize a webpage in the SE. You can broadly classify the techniques into two depending of the nature of the works. There are White hat techniques and black hat techniques. The white hat techniques are the ethical practices that are essential for the optimization of the website. You will get a long-term result for these techniques that are performed strictly following the rules of the search engines. Black hat techniques are the unethical ways to optimize.
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