Many of us use projectors in almost every area of our life at homes, classrooms and even at the offices and we could not know the principle of how it works. Well, we are going to have a look at how the projectors work in details. The principle of the projector is to take the input signal and process and output it through the lens. This happens; the light from the projector is projected on the screen or any other surface like the wall.

The way each projector works will depend on the technology used to design and manufacture it. Let’s look at some of the technologies that have been used in the projector to see how they work.

Film projectors

When we talk of film projectors, we speak about content that has been recorded then displayed after the light used to project through film and block some of the colors and light and reproduce a recorded image that is the one displayed.

Digital projectors

Digital projectors are the improved film projectors. They are mostly designed using DLP and LCD technology. The way LCD projectors work is not that different from how the film projectors worked. It allows the light to go through and then blocks some of the light and produce an image that we see at the end on the screen.

The color produced in the images is due to the spinning wheel and also this is because of the intensity of the light. Though the LCD and the film projectors work almost the same, the LCD projector as work a bit different. When the beam of light passes through shifting pixels that are thousands in numbers in an LCD.

The LCD technologies differ according to the projector as some projector comes with 3 LCD hence the name 3LCD projectors. The light is split into three and passes through 3 LCD and then recombines into the prism and generates images that are a colorful, crisp and sharp image.

DLP projectors

With DLP projectors the light is reflected directly through the lens into the screen.DLP projectors produce the deepest black levels using mirrors in off positions. In order to add color to the image, the white light travels through the transparent spinning color wheel from the lamp into the DLP chip. The color wheel filters the light into blue-green and red. The three colors coordinate the on and off state of each mirror. What the DLP does, is to rely on the eyes of the viewers to blend the pixels into the desired colors of the images.

Though these entire projectors have different technologies and principles, the content displayed at the end is still the same. The only thing that makes them unique is the quality of the image displayed. The principle of projectors makes one understand how each image is displayed on the screen and how it is produced making it amazing even when using it In case you had so many questions regarding the principles of projectors, all you need to know is here.

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