A widow is a woman who has lost her husband, and the widower will mean the same for men. The reason for becoming a widow will be the demise of the partner. In most of the Indian societies, widows are considered as a person for sympathy. It may be difficult for her to live without a partner after having one for a longer period. But besides showing sympathy, people should stop hurting them with some societal pressures.

Being a widow is not easy!

Separation by mutual consent will not impact the same way with that of demise. So, people who have lost their spouses should think of getting remarried soon. It is not easy to be single throughout your life. If you have children to take care of, you should get a new life, at least for the sake of them. So, second marriage has the capability of changing a widow’s life into a meaningful journey. The one drawback of widow remarriage is that they could not find a man to marry for the second time easily. But it is a fact of the past.

Think Practically

MatchFinder has helped these women and men with the introduction of online second marriage matchmaking websites. If you are based in Karnataka, you can search for Kannada widow matrimony profiles at MatchFinder get a list of widows in your region. We have changed the lives of many widows around the county. These are the reasons why a widow should get remarried.

Reasons for a Widow to get Remarried

There is no compulsion for a widow to be ready for the second marriage. But it is advisable for women or men who lost their spouses to remarry as soon as possible. Some of the reasons for a widow remarriage are as below.

Have Some People for you

It will be disastrous to have no one by your side during your final days. Apart from having support, you should at least have some people to share your love and feelings. It is unfair to lose all your future happiness because you have lost your husband or wife. Everyone has a life, and you have to move on.

For your Children

Although it is bad to be a widow at a young age, it is more hurting if you have children. They will not even know what life is, and they will be desperate to have a mom and dad. Raising a kid without a partner will hurt the kid more than yourself. Be it education, or personal matters, a couple is vital for a kid, at least in their teenage.

Financial Support

Although most of the women and men are employed and capable of surviving on their own, a single person may not be able to be financially settled in all the cases. So, thinking of remarriage is necessary to have financial security till the end of life.

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Misty Jhones