The Research and Development department has a vital role in developing the new product or service. It is the goal of the R&D team to come up with a new and unique product idea.

Also, they work to enhance the quality of the product that is already in the market. Having a good R&D team means achieving success in the market with the relevant product.

Most individuals have the misconception that only big farms and pharmaceutical companies own the R&D department, but it is not true. However, most of the companies that want good command over their customers with quality products have the research department.

The members of R&D ensure that all products that are going to be designed or already designed products meet the satisfaction level of the customers. The quality and trend of the market is well understood by the team members of the research department.

With the proper research and development, the effectiveness and functionality of the product designing get increased. Proper testing and procedures are ensured at the time of delivering the product in the market.

The competitive edge is maintained in the market. The growth and success of the company is sustained with the appropriate R&D department.

What are the Types of R&D?

Depending upon the level of research, you can categorize the R&D into the following points.

1. Basic Research

The basic research is the beginning phase where the planning is done on the particular subject without any practical application. The aim of the basic research does not have any connection with the commercial purpose.

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This research is done to get the best understanding of the market demand. The companies do consistent research to get the desired output. Also, plenty of resources are provided to the research department so that they can easily experiment with their research work.

2. Applied Research

The “applied” name reflects all things. In this research, individuals create commercially marketable products and services that will affect the market in a positive manner. It is the second stage of the R&D process.

With the application of the ideas, the researchers get some problems, and with time they get the way to resolve those problems. Depending upon the industry trend, market detection is done, and work is done.

3. Development Research

Development research is the phase where the development of a product takes place. Proper work is done before the product comes into the market. With the complete knowledge and information, the engineering and manufacturing team deliver the best output to the market.

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