When it comes to espresso, everything other beverage stops in the air. There is nothing as great as a cup of espresso in the morning to begin your day. With just one cup each morning. You enjoy a jovial day full of energy. If you have not had time to have a taste of espresso, what are you waiting for? Go for it and experience the taste and sweetness that comes with coffee.

If you are wondering what espresso is, it is not a brand of coffee, but it is coffee itself. The only difference between espresso and coffee is the way you prepare it.

Espresso is considered to be stronger than coffee because it is highly concentrated and maybe a bit bitter than brewed coffee and the secret is not even in the way it is made but rather the way it is roasted. The coffee is roasted at different levels like light, medium and dark. All of these are different in the way it tastes and appears in color. The more the coffee is roasted in the company, the more the flavor becomes stronger. The dark roast id the one that is passed to higher temperatures making it the most robust coffee you could have. The blend that makes the espresso to be stronger is the dark roast

Many people think that when you taste bitter coffee the caffeine, it is too much such as espresso or any other bitter coffee. Though many people believe and think the more coffee is roasted, the more caffeine becomes much, but this is instead a big myth. This is because the more you roast the coffee, the lesser the caffeine is I the coffee.

Also, it is good to know that that caffeine dissipates from the start of the roasting process and by the end, its lacks or only small traces are found. When you are worried about caffeine, then you should look carefully at the light coffee as it has more caffeine than the rest of roasted coffee.

Back to our question in the hand what is the powerful blend for espresso then we have the answer is dark roasted coffee. The flavor is there, and so is the bitter taste that most of the espresso has. If you look closely to the way, the espresso is made you will note that most of the baristas use the dark coffee to do. This is because the flavor is more in it and so is the great taste

It is a fact that espresso is stronger than coffee due to the way it is a brew and the roast. It uses. If you are not a great fan of coffee, it is not too late to try out and see if you are made for it. The first taste of coffee may be a bit bitter for you, but with subsequent tasting a cup at a time, you are able to determine if the coffee was made for you or not.

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Did you know that any coffee roast can be used to make espresso? Many people hold the common misconception that only extremely dark roasts and blends