Promising consumers the bonusof being able to lose 40lbs in approximately forty days; the HCG diet abides by the notion of injecting your blood streamwith the HCG hormone which is commonly reproduced over the course of natural pregnancy.

Supported byTaken as part of a caloried reduced diet of less than 500 calories a day, dieters can easily utilise this straight forwardweight loss plan for up to 6 weeks at a time as long as they take a 6 week holiday between each cycle to guarantee that their body does not become immune to the hormone.

How does it work?

According to physicians the glycoprotein hormone, HCG is reportedly replicated in the placenta during the average pregnancy. Designed to provide your baby with nutrition whenever your nutrient intake is not high enough; this specialised hormone feeds the baby by utilising your stored fat content and converting into blood sugar.

Currently accessible in an injection and oral form, the HCG diet works by making your brain believe you are pregnant when you are notand making it think you are in starvation mode. By ingesting under 500 calories per day this triggers the hormone which starts tapping into your stored fat and converting a lb of fat every day into nutrition.

Is it safe for use?

Although there are strict restrictions to utilising this dietary technique, i.e.making sure you use it for more than23 days (to guarantee long term weight loss) to having a forty day holiday between every 6 week rotation (to prevent immunity against the hormone), only the homeopathic application is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Albeit this recognition by the FDA, there are still concerns about the homeopathic form as it contains a in-active interpretation of the HCG hormonewhich is proven in its weight loss results than the injection.

Yet, with acceptance by the Food and Drug Administrationto support this injection form, it is hard to believe in the quality of this weight loss plan on your weight loss. Especially as it is recommended that you should not orderit on the web, and that you receivemedical advice from your doctor firstbefore you try this prescription drug.

What else can I do?

At Proactol we always thoroughly recommend that you follow a healthy and nutritious diet combinedby regular exercise regime in order to achieve safe, natural weight loss. It may be a more long term solution, compared to weight loss drugs such as the HCG diet, but by modifying your diet at a pace that is perfectfor you then you can experience credible weight loss

Alternatively by incorporating a clinically backed dietary pill such as Proactol into your weight loss plan, you can use this supplements natural fat binding capabilities to improve your weight loss results.

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