The effort we put into something can be great but the results may be missing. Why is that? Because it is the passion we put into our action that proves to be much more important than anything else. Watching the Olympics we can observe everyone making a tremendous effort but only a few makes it a passionate one, usually those who bring back the medals. What is passion? It is a difficult term to clearly define and even harder to express. Yet it is something that is fairly easy to observe in others. We describe it as enthusiasm, drive, ambition, determination and excitement. When we watch someone behave with those qualities we call them passionate. We all like to consider ourselves passionate in making love, because there are very real and immediate rewards but why not be passionate in everything we do?

To put a big effort into something is relatively simple. Whatever it is, we just work harder at getting it done. We may try to be faster, stronger, more accurate and determined to reach our goals. Yet those qualities do not necessarily include passion. This simple term implies much more than the definition given above. Passion represents the sum of all the energy one puts into achieving their goals. The roots of that energy go all the way down into the core of your being, with what you identify with. “I am a successful, happy and passionate person!” That self image is the most important aspect of passion and how it is expressed. There is no way to cheat in this game. When a person connects with their passion and feel their own excitement, ambition, and power, then they are most likely to surpass their previous performance and achieve more than expected.

While there is no secret about using passion in life, it remains a rare quality among people. Especially if you are a talented individual, attractive, intelligent, focused on your goals, all of your potentials still rely on how much passion you express in reaching those goals. Actors often go through exercises to develop more freedom to express their emotions. What if, we would all exercise our passion to achieve what we are searching for? Well, I suggest that you do just that, practice being more passionate, even at the risk of appearing a bit silly sometimes. Whatever you need to do, do it with more passion than it requires. For example, were you really enthusiastic, jumping for joy happy ordering you favorite desert last time, if not, be more so next time.

We all get graded on our performance, counting on our effort to get us through. Usually effort helps us succeed if we have the talents required, however, it is the passion that will take us over the top and win us the gold. Focus on your goals and summon all your energy and determination, without being rude or obnoxious, let everyone know how much you love what you do with your passion. It is a matter of removing your own inhibitions about who you can be, having the confidence and a winning self image will allow you to achieve more success. So go ahead, do it! Be the most and best you can be!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Ryder is a psychologist, author, and hypnotherapist in NYC.