Arthroscopy is an advanced method in the field of surgeries and many additions have been made to in the past few years to make the experience, for both the surgeon as well as patients, better with time. It is way more comfortable as well as easy as compared to the old open procedure which even had many complications attached to it. The procedure is easy, very less time consuming and all it requires is expertise on the part of the orthopaedic doctor and surgeon. The patients need to be a little careful before as well as after the surgery to ensure its long-lasting effect. And with this, it is also important to follow every precaution suggested by the surgeon to avoid any complication in future. Few exercises and a healthy diet plan, and the person is fit to go back to the normal daily lifestyle in a few days post-surgery. The cost of the surgery can vary from person to person depending upon a few factors. The fact that arthroscopy performed in India is much cheaper than other countries has also helped to enhance medical tourism in India as a lot of patients choose to get the surgery done from India.

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Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which orthopaedic surgeons look into, diagnose and treat various problems related to the patient’s joints. The word arthroscopy comes from a Greek word which means “arthro” joint and “skopien” to look, thus it basically is a method of treating joint issue surgically while looking into the joint. In this, the surgeon inserts very small instruments like a camera and a source of light to magnify the parts to be examined, by making a small incision in the skin.

Light is transmitted through optic fibres and helps to give higher precision and accuracy. By attaching it to the end of the small television screen the surgeon is able to see the interior of the joint and differentiate between the ligaments, cartilages under the knee cap aptly. The surgeon may cut, remove or stitch the soft tissue in this procedure.

Having done the surgery, at last, the surgeon will end up by removing the small instruments and stitch up the incision back. Unlike the usual open surgery, it is less painful accompanied by minimal bleeding. The most important part of this procedure is the safety provided to soft tissues from any sort of trauma. The downtime associated with this procedure is very less.

For any joint examination, this is the final step to be completely sure about the issue and device out a proper medical protocol to be undertaken. Some of the common issues diagnosed through this procedure are inflammation such as synovitis, acute or chronic injury in the shoulder, knee and wrist and so on. Some of the issues associated with arthritis can also be sorted through this procedure.

At present due to the very few complications and high success rate associated with it, arthroscopy is very famous in the west and has now started to gain popularity in India as well.

Currently, the average cost of arthroscopy surgery in India lies in the range of 1.6 lakh. The cost might reduce depending upon which ortho centre was visited, the expertise of the surgeon, various joint problems, the extent of the issue, area to be treated, anaesthesia fee and medical history of the patient. Apart from this, many other factors and issues are to be kept in mind.

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which does not require a person to put in much effort. A patient might be able to start walking in a few days post surgery due to the application of all the modern day technology and researches. The procedure is getting better with time and helping the surgeons to perform the procedure with higher accuracy as well as the patients to get back to their daily lifestyle and work as soon as possible.

One thing which needs to be kept in mind during the arthroscopy procedure is that not all kinds of joint issues can be treated through it, so a surgeon has to have expertise while prescribing this surgical procedure to the patients.

Every patient needs to have a consultation with an orthopaedic specialist before opting for this procedure. It has certain risks attached to it such as infections; phlebitis (blood clots), excessive swelling, bleeding, damage to blood vessels or nerve damage and instrument breakage, which commonly arise during or after the surgery. However, there are very rare chances of these.

There are various forms of arthroscopy surgery such as knee arthroscopy, hip arthroscopy, ankle arthroscopy, elbow arthroscopy, wrist arthroscopy, spinal arthroscopy, and shoulder arthroscopy. Besides these, it can also function as the diagnostic procedure for fractures in the knee and shoulder, torn anterior, posterior cruciate ligaments, elimination of baker’s cyst, swollen synovium, torn meniscus, and so on.

The post-operation period of arthroscopy is very manageable. However, the patient is still required to be careful and attentive to the instructions provided by the surgeon. Since it is a procedure only prescribed by the doctor or specialist it can be covered under the medical insurance, however, the rules might vary from companies to companies and region to region. Necessary guidance is often provided by the end of surgery through the professionals.


Arthroscopy is an advanced and developed procedure and is very useful for examing various musculoskeletal problems as well as treating a lot of them. best international hospital in India has also gained a lot of momentum due to this procedure as arthroscopy is performed at much lower rates in India as compared to other countries. It is due to this very reason that the department of health tourism in India is constantly involved in developing the procedure for the convenience and better experience of the patients, to invest less and have a greater satisfactory outcome from their side. This is helpful for their fast recovery and a great experience. There is a possibility of even more development and growth of this procedure to avoid the present risks attached to it and reduce its occurrences to the least. Expertise is an important criterion which has to be taken care of during the treatment. The cost of this surgery ranges differently in India depending upon the background, affected area of joint, etc.

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