Why are there so many solutions to remedy the human condition?

Must there be unique solutions to different problems regarding health?

If we are all comprised of virtually the same DNA structure why do some people get sick while others do not?

These were a few questions I had during some very difficult and challenging times in my life. I thought for sure I could recover even though the medical experts told me it was impossible. They took the easy route and blamed the problems on events or circumstances outside of my control. The Doctors told me the way I was feeling was because of heredity. I was informed if my aliment had no medical solution it was considered a permanent problem, disability or illness.

This diagnosis was way too hard for me to grasp. I thought it was simple to understand that I was alive with a body that seemed to take care of itself. My body was able to heal from wounds and viral illnesses with relative ease and I was expected to agree that I could not recover. I don’t know about you, but to me a helpless diagnosis makes no sense at all. Life has existed for over 3.8 billion years and humans have been around for over 5 million years yet most believe there are things the body cannot resolve.

The human body starts with one cell and grows throughout the duration of one’s life. Logically speaking, if the body created itself it holds the ability recreate itself. Addressing each specific illness is inefficient and ineffective. One must look to promote the body’s natural ability to heal. This allows people to recover efficiently and effectively.

The Complete Recovery Program does just that. It’s a 3 step process that promotes recovery.

Step 1 – Identify: Decision step where the person decides to recover regardless of external circumstances.
Step 2 – Appreciate: Psychological step in which all limiting factors are released so they no longer have influence. By the end of step 2 you will feel perfect.
Step 3 – Love: Step 3 is all about self love. It’s the 30 day action plan that brings lasting results regardless of who you are. If you change your actions you will change your life. Are you willing to adjust any actions that do not correspond with your new-found feeling and understanding of perfection?

My research suggests the human body has the ability to recover from anything at any time naturally. The Complete Recovery Program™ is the guaranteed process by which you promote that ability. It walks you step by step through each day and includes a free 30 day trial membership to the exclusive social network for people who have experienced the process. No matter where you are in life and what you are experiencing you can recover, you are not alone.

Visit http://www.CompleteRecoveryProgram.com to take control of your life risk free. Start right now by ordering the program, you will receive it in 1-2 weeks. If you want to get started today at no extra cost, you may purchase the instant download. Are you ready to live, love and experience the deliciousness of a carefree life? The choice is FINALLY yours.

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You can live love and experience the deliciousness of a carefree life.
Motivational Public Speaker and World Class athlete Jerry Christensen has developed a simple program by which you stoke the power that's responsible for your recovery.

When Jerry Christensen was 15 his heart stopped twice due to a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury sustained as a result of a mountain bike accident. When he finally arrived at the hospital he was in a coma for a week and paralyzed for a week and a half. He had amnesia for 4 solid weeks and was discharged after 6 weeks. At discharge the experts told Jerry and his family he would never go to college or be able to hold a job. His future was grim to say the least but Jerry knew otherwise.

At that time the doctors seemed right in their prognosis. Jerry had full understanding of the alphabet but couldn't read, he could only do basic addition if the sum was less than 10, and he couldn't walk in a straight line. By all estimates he was really messed up but a part of him said otherwise.

Jerry could tell he was set back quite a ways and his future was going to be nothing like previously expected but he also had a feeling that he could recover. From the time the accident happened he was out to prove how wrong all those who expected a permanent disability were. He was going to make something of his life, he was going to get off all medications and recover to live as though the injury never happened.

As time went on Jerry graduated high school on time in the top quarter of his class. He then went on to earn an honors degree in psychology in four years. He was functional but had yet to fully recover from the fatigue and he had yet to learn to pronounce words clearly.

In 2008 Jerry looked back on the journey he was on from the bicycle race until that point. He asked himself how he could teach others to recover just like he did. He questioned if his recovery was a stroke of luck or if anyone could do it. Before long he identified key steps that led to a process to be used by others. He figured out the practical process and in doing so made a full recovery possible for everyone.

As Jerry helped more people the process became refined and perfect. After helping hundreds upon hundreds of people recover from numerous situations the research was finished and called the Complete Recovery Program™.