What is The Chain-Reaction For Personal Success

If you learn this baby-easy system to use your electromagnetic field RHYTHM consciously – you have a strategy to change (improve) almost anything and everything in your life. Right, and cows can fly and drop off their milk!

What is your Rhythm? First, we have a rhythm for everything we love and a different one for everything we dislike. Wait – do you want change in your life of health-money-better relationships?
If you can switch to a positive (love) rhythm to things you hate in your life, you change your thinking,
feelings and attitude. That changes your behaviors – how you do stuff to produce a reality in your life.


Every morning on rising and just prior to sleep in the evening, you must spend about two-minutes on TAPPING out your love (positive) rhythm and visualize what you want in your life.

Example: you are unhappy with your finances – you want to earn $250,000 annually and not your present $60,000. If you tap the side of your thigh or beat your rhythm on a table about your present electromagnetic field reaction to your present finances – you will notice it is very, very SLOW – tired.

Now imagine your life in a new home, with the best of the best, and see your income tax statement for $250,000 annually. Start tapping. You will notice your Tapping Rhythm is twice-three-times faster.
Forget why or how your electromagnetic field accomplishes the difference – do you have to know all about how a car engine works to successfully drive your vehicle? Do you have to know Electricity to throw on the light-switch and produce a well-lit room? Nada.


Whatever we like (love, desire) produces a rapid Rhythm (electromagnetic field). Hold it – whatever we dislike (eating veggies that taste like mush) a job we hate to go to daily, but force ourselves for the money, and people who treat us like dirt. When we think of our dislikes – our Rhythm slows down by up to two-thirds. SNAILING.

So What

To obtain our goals we must increase our Rhythm (electromagnetic field) when mentally visualizing our goals. Example: every A.M. and P.M. (hypnagogic before sleep, and hypnopompic on awakening) we must practice the new Rhythm for 2-minutes each session. We visualize our goal and tap-out the faster rhythm on our leg or on a table simultaneously. It engages our mind-body-connection.

How Long

For some of us it works in 1-2 tapping session, for others a maximum of 21 days. It requires that to become a habit. This tapping rhythm works through our Mind-Body-Connection. Some researchers claim it is activated by using our Temporal-Parietal cortices. Who cares, if it brings us our goals? Try it.

According to the best of the best – Bill Harris of Holosync – there are four ways that solve our problems. They all required AWARENESS of what you are doing. Why?

“Awareness always creates Choice.”

Do we all have internal-maps of our reality? 100%. Watch yourself TODAY as you create your life-experiences. Remember, specific examples solidify your ideas permanently.


Awareness permits us to see the CHOICES we make in our lives. We are always choosing between being on Auto-Pilot and using our Conscious mind to seek options.

What does this mean to you? All STATES of mind and being have brainwave-signatures.

Awareness, never non-consciousness - should be utilized in making Decisions-Specific Strategies-Owning Values-Maintaining Positive Beliefs. But it is harder than being programmed by auto-pilot.

Auto-Pilot is always easier on the brain, but we have been Programmed and Conditioned to repeat these old ways. Try the path least travelled. Why? New levels of success, happiness and great relationships can enter your life.

The Four-Ways

a) How do your DECISIONS make you FEEL – why not choose feeling good?
b) How do your choices make you BEHAVE – could you do better?
c) Which people and situations are you habitually ATTRACTING? Happy about it?
d) What MEANINGS do you assign to what occurs to you? Not your fault?

So What

1. BEHAVIORS, not words. Our actions (behaviors) control our success or failure. Example: How do you learn to drive a car in highway traffic? We forget the separate steps and manipulation of not just our vehicle, but of our linked physical activities. Analyze each step in driving your car to work.

2. FEELINGS: What drives our Behaviors? Answer: our FEELINGS – emotions create our behaviors. Does how you feed control what you do? Comfort-zone is the path of least resistance, and governed by our Non-Conscious (automatic mind). Doesn’t our Ego create our behaviors by our feelings?

3. ATTITUDES: What creates our Feelings? Answer: our ATTITUDES, our view of our life, health, love and expectations.

4. BELIEFS: What creates our Attitudes? Answer: our BELIEFS are what accept as our reality about the world, our lives and our future. Automatic-Positive-Thoughts and Ants (Automatic Negative-Thoughts. We are on Auto-Pilot (Non-Consciousness) up to 90% of the time.

5. THOUGHTS: But what creates our Beliefs? Answer: THOUGHTS. Thoughts are biological –physiological electrical properties. Whatever is accepted by our mind through our experiences or possibilities enters from within or without may be accepted as thoughts. Once we accept these brain connections, they enter our mind as active thoughts.
N.B. Neurons: nerve-cells in our nervous system –process and transmit information by Electro-Chemical signaling. Are our thoughts, brain connections linked by synapses?

a) Our conscious mind is approximately 1/6 of our active brain. The other 5/6th (83.33%) are controlled by our Non-Consciousness. However, our conscious mind can influence, persuade, and convince the other 5/6th. How? Active programming and conditioning.

b) Consciousness has a broadband capacity of between 16 to 60 bits of information per second. Non-Consciousness has a broadband capacity of 11 million bits of information per second. Who has got the power?

c) Non-Consciousness systems and structures include: 1. Immune System 2. Nervous System 3. Limbic System 4. Brainstem 6. Basal Ganglia 7. Cerebellum 8. Thalamus & Hypothalamus 9. Insula Cortex. 10. Perirhinal Cortex.

d) Consciousness systems include: 1. Parietal-Frontal lobes 2. PreFrontal Contex
3.Cerebral Cortex 4. Medial Temporal Lobes 5. Central Thalamus. Google them.


If you choose to remember One section of this stuff - let it be your FEELINGS about decision-making.
Two: What BEHAVIORS do your feelings produce on a daily basis?
Three. What are you ATTRACTING in your life?
Four. What MEANINGS do you assign to the events of your life? What’s it all about, Alfie?

Awareness can change each one of them.

Copyright 2011 H. Bernard Wechsler

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