The Secret strategy of Buzzing of The Bees

We trained a NYC attorney in Tripling (3x) his Speed Reading and Doubling his long-term memory. That was not what he emailed us about. One of the side-issues in the 12 hours of sessions includes a strategy called The Buzzing of The Bees. This is a simple strategy that most students and executives totally ignore. It was created by a French Psychologist called Emile` Coue` (pronounced Quay) in 1922.

So What

Please pay attention and see if you can mentally visualize this powerful procedure.

But what is it for?

Buzzing of The Bees activates accelerated healing and according to some advocates, produces almost miraculous results. Wait: disclaimer – we are not physicians and this is not scientific stuff. Most normal folks go to a medical doctor or hospital when their body fails them.

We recommend exactly that, but maybe there is a place for knowledge about Coue’s secret strategy.

What Happened

Danny the lawyer was skiing in the evening with his group at Vail. Suddenly he was buried in a six-foot pit – his right leg mangled, in searing pain, and only semi-conscious. He was not afraid because he knew the area was crowded with his friends, and sooner-or-later his crew would come searching for him. It was not to be that easy.

He tried to extricate himself, but the throbbing pain in his right leg argued back. Danny’s three-pound coconut joined in the ski-party with a massive migraine headache. He knew he was in trouble when he could not think of anyone to sue for damages for this negligence action. “Someone must pay for my pain and suffering,” he thought.

He never wore his watch when skiing, so it felt like a year had passed since his fall. He could hear no surrounding noise, and not a human came searching for the buried lawyer. Danny could only hear his pounding heart, as his fears invented new dangers for his present predicament.

Oh yeah, to add to his misery he was feeling frostbite in his both hands and feet. “I think I am going to cash-in my chips,” entered his mind multiple times.


He said in the email, “Out of no place, an idea crossed my mind. I actually heard Dr. Coue’s mantra,
‘Every day, in every way, I am feeling better and better.” It was like a song that just kept repeating itself endlessly. The weird part was that I actually smiled and felt better as I got into the swing of paying attention to this Affirmation – for 60-minutes.

It was some kind of self-fulfilling prophesy – I was feeling better and better. It was weird and dangerous because I was down a hole with a probable broken leg, and as alone as a stone.”

In Speed Reading we explain the power of “Every-day-in every-way, I am feeling better and better.”
The secret was not paying attention to the meaning of the words, just let the mantra form an umbrella over your brain. It must seep into your Non-Conscious mind. How? Hum the words under your breath, and expect a positive change. You mind-body connection will calm down your agitated brain, and send you some ideas to help yourself. Or you could sue us for malpractice – if you live.

Buzzing of The Bees

This is a two-step strategy. One, you repeat very fast, in an almost Mickey Mouse voice, (while touching the injured area), “It is Going, Going, Gone.” This is separated in three- sections. The first - two are repeated – “It is going-going-gone (rapidly for about 40 seconds). The final and third section ends with, “And, It-is-so!”

What is Optic Chiasma

You use physical reversal to involve your right or left brain. If you are healing your right-leg, use your left-hand to trigger your right-hemisphere. The right brain controls your left-side, and vice-versa. You very quickly reach your tipping-point – your Critical-Mass. If you do Buzzing-of-the-Bees twice, sixty-second each, a total of two-minutes – strange things occur. You must emotionalize what you want to occur, right? Do not repeat it like an accountant running numbers. Easy when you’re dying.

One more thing: you must create a mental image (mental movie/picture) of the healing and repair you desire. Use 1, but 1-4 is better.

See: 1. Shrinking and Shriveling of an enlarged area, uniting a broken bone or damaged tissue. Example: visualize an enlarged prostate gland et al shrinking and shriveling.
See: 2. Dissolving a bleeding or pimply growth, or eliminating a painful area. Example: facial growth.
See: 3. Pac-man Like: Chewing it up, and spitting it out. Example: killing all Cancerous-Tumorous-Toxic cells.
See: 4. Hammering the nuclei and cell bodies. Example: see: Cancerous-Tumorous-Toxic cells being smashed to death by your mallet. (visualize your 3-pound mallet totally destroying all the negative growth cells).

Back to Danny The Lawyer in The Snow-Bank

“Well, I said to myself, I have nothing to lose, so I began doing the Buzzing of the Bees to my right-leg, tapping with my left-hand. I visualized my foot healed, and did not stop to think how stupid and unscientific it really was. I had nothing but time, so I did it for maybe 15-30 minutes. Later I went back to Coue’s mantra – Every Day in Every Way, I am Feeling Better and Better, for another 15-30 minutes. I say, If you got the time – I got Coue’s affirmation.

“I am not going to try and describe what happened next because the men in the white coats institutionalize you for such ideas. Let’s just say I felt better and saw an improvement in my condition.
Oh yeah, I had never tried these crazy strategies since learning them in Speed Reading classes. Desperate times require desperate measures, right?

The next thing I knew I was sweating like a pig and moving around the pit in spite of the pain. Get this:
I started crawling upward, one inch at a time. If you are expecting a miracle and the ski parole coming to save my ass, forget about it.

You remember the Bingo-Song you teach to reduce stress – “There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name.” Each chorus you clap or shout to replace a letter in the name B-I-N-G-O. It helped distract my mind from pain, fear and anxiety when I tired of “Every-Day” and “Buzzing of the Bees.”

I am coming to the point. I began to feel better and made slow progress as I attempted to creep out of the snow-trap. I dragged by broken body inch by inch, but move I did. It took maybe two-three-hours.

More “Every-Day-in-every-way”, sing-song, more “Buzzing of the Bees” about my right leg and migraine headache. I went back to the “Bingo” song too, and you know what? It all worked to calm my racing heart and broken body. May that’s it.

I don’t know how I did it, but I ended up out of the snow-trap. My partners would have me certified for reciting this stuff in writing. I do not remember how or when, but I started crawling down the slope. Some ski-cop found me. I was bent over the ski ramp. The Ski Patrol guy said they had been on a search for my fundament for over four-hours.

That’s it. It really happened like that, and you have my permission to use my words. No normal person would believe a word of it anyway. Thank you - I will always believe Coue’s mental strategies saved my injured fundament. Best of Luck, Danny Esq.”


This is the gist of it. Did it really work because of Emile Coue’s strategies – you decide. As for me, if
I were in a hopeless situation, and I wanted to trigger my mind-body-connection… I suggest no one rely on any of the aforementioned ideas, but then I also suggest not falling into a ski-trap.

By the way we have about 25 free, no strings attached speed reading reports. If you want one, find us and request one.

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