Well, for starters it is not some special book used in some ritual or a cult. It was created for everyone. In fact, this book is a translation of papers having word symbols and interpreted by a group of truth revealers known as the Orvonton Corps.

I’m not sure exactly who makes up the Orvonton Corps, but I do know they’re not from our world. I believe, and this is my own opinion, from something I had read from a different source, they were considered a group of extraterrestrials living and hiding in Europe during World War I. They looked human and someone, whom they probably trusted, had probably been offered some kind of reward for revealing their location, these truth revealers were assassinated.

Now, the Orvonton Corps probably knew, much like Jesus did about being betrayed, and were prepared for their coming death. They either gave their detailed translation to either a trusted human being or one of them was able to escape with it and have it published.

This book is truly an eye-opener and very important individuals connected to religion, especially one with a controlling presence and power, would never want anyone to read this book, since it is the TRUTH!

Unfortunately, it is not a simple read. The text contains rich vocabulary and for many, such as myself I’ve had to shorten my reading time to comprehend and to think about what is being revealed. Well, that’s exactly the reason it took me four years to complete the reading of this book. Since this book contains so much information, I am reading it again, and this time adding my need-to-share along with writing my life’s journal.

The Book of Urantia is available to read online for FREE, as well as text being available as an audio. So, it’s easy to ascertain that I am not selling copies of this book, nor the audio version.

In a previous article, I mentioned about reading the Bible at a young age. I’ve learned from the Book of Urantia that the Old Testament shows our Universal Father as being a jealous God and that if we didn’t believe in him, we would be punished. Jesus, as mentioned in the Book of Urantia, explained to his disciplines that the Universal Father was poorly described in the Old Testament and that a new book would need to be written. Yet, Jesus decided it was best for him not to create this new book. Anything he wrote, he erased. I believe he didn’t want anything he wrote down to be misinterpreted. Therefore, when the New Testament was being written, years after Jesus’ death, it could be questioned since it was man that wrote it. Since it was man that wrote it, it opened the door to misinterpretation.

The Book of Urantia only mentions a few books found in the New Testament that truly reveals some of the truth, while the rest is merely the author’s opinion.
Now, this is food for thought.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at