It is not uncommon for athletes to face injuries on a regular basis, whether they are minor or major. In fact, some injuries during sports are simply inevitable. However, that does not mean that you should stop playing or stop following your passion. You need to, however, be careful about the injuries that you get and should get them treated as soon as possible. It is important to note that injuries from sports are mostly internal and their symptoms show up after a few days or weeks. However, as soon as you go through an accident while playing, you should contact your chiropractor in order to avoid any future problems and pain.
The modern technique used by chiropractor Smyrna GA in Radiant health chiropractic clinic for treatment of sports injuries is soft tissue mobilization. This is a modern and emerging technique in this regard and is available at only few clinics that make use of the latest methods to solve the patients’ problems.

What is Soft tissue mobilization?
It is important to note that generally the injuries which you get from sports affect your soft tissues. This leads to hindrance in performing motion and results in extreme pain if not handled properly. Hence, soft tissue mobilization makes use of techniques which enable the soft tissue to rebuild itself and return to its original state by the end of the treatment. Keep in mind that very few chiropractors actually know about this technique and Dr. Tali Pariser is a chiropractor near me in Radiant health chiropractic clinic who is fully aware of the implementation of this treatment method.

What is the technique used to treat soft tissue mobilization?
The major technique to treat soft tissue mobilization is called FAKTR. FAKTR is short for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab. The treatment incorporate the latest research in order to treat soft-tissue techniques in a new and effective way. This method can be used to treat complicated and serious injuries in a relatively smaller period of time with more everlasting results. Moreover, FAKRTrelies on the latest research going on in this filed and has been tested before it was released commercially. Chiropractors need to do a complete course and get a license in order to get the right to practice it in their clinics, and Dr. Tali Pariser is one of the few chiropractors who has taken the professional course pertaining to this technique.

Who is FAKTR for and what can it treat?
While it has been established that FAKTR is highly effective to treat sports injuries, it still needs to be defined that which problems in specific can it cater to. FAKTR can treat multiple musculoskeletal conditions such as entrapment syndromes, tendinopathy, strains, sprains, myofascial pain syndromes, shin splints, adhesive capsulitis etc. Hence it is not only restricted to athletes but can also be practiced on patients who are going through problems with their soft tissues. FAKTR is ideal for the treatment of work injuries, sports injuries and accidental injuries.

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