With the great new software by socialbiz.pro, there are many advantageous ways to make money by utilizing your existing community site or creating a new e-discovery site with online dating elements to make real money.

One of the best ways to make money with your dating and social networking site is to build a community based on virtual currency. With all the various sites on the web, virtual currency is becoming a trend among the young and old. It is similar to playing games on the web, the new penny auction sites that are sweeping the nation and other popular websites and businesses online.

Instead of using virtual currency for games and products; it is a great idea to use this virtual currency within the dating world. The virtual bonuses would be allotted for site activity. There is the opportunity for a dating site to build itself around a virtual community online. There are ways for members to sell virtual goods and other services that are generated for members of the dating site itself. The virtual currency can be bought when members buy points and then it is converted.

The site activity would deal with how many members are contacted on the site, how many conversations are started or how many of these virtual daters actually meet up with each other. There are many different options within a virtual community. Members would buy points and pay to put more pictures on their own profile, or to get access to other members or to talk directly or send personal messages to other members, etc. The more pictures and information, the more points a member would want to buy and therefore, money your site would accumulate.

Advertising dollars for the social networking and dating site itself would be ongoing and plenty with the amount of community members that virtual currency would attract. If you want to create solely a dating site, use software by datingpro.com, there are many ways to make money from your dating site too. Options include gifts, games, e-cards, featured profiles and much more!

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