DHI method, which means a direct hair transplant (also known as Choi transplant) has been gathering momentum to become the best hair transplant method. Let’s get to the bottom of this trend.

11 Key points you need to know about DHI transplant

No.1 How is it going?

It’s a minimally traumatic procedure which combines non-surgical donor material removal and non-surgical transplant by a Choi pen and micro punch which have a 0.5-0.9 mm tip.
A punch makes tiny wounds which are healed so quickly — so the patient can return to the common life almost immediately.

No.2 Result

The Choi implanter allows your specialist controlling the depth, direction, and angle of each follicle transplant. Thus, new hairs don’t fall out, take root better, and the final looking is 100% natural.

No.3 Material

Before the procedure, doctors prepare the donor zone and remove follicular groups, which include 1-3 follicles. They serve as finishing material, and there is no need to cut them into grafts and injure the bulbs.

No.4 Success rates

This material is taken into the pen and transplanted directly to the hair loss area — hereof the name of the technique. The speedy extraction (hair remain outside the body only 1-2 minutes) boosts the rate of successful rooting up to 95%.

No.5 Duration

A hair transplant expert works manually and transplants around 80–140 hair bulbs per 1 cm2. The procedure can take several sessions, as all the manipulations are performed by hand and require high accuracy and concentration.

No.6 Pain-free

The procedure of best hair loss solution-hair system is performed under local anesthesia and is totally painless.

No.7 You don’t need shaving

The implanter is so thin and reminds an automatic pen that is doesn’t require prior shaving and can make implantation among the patient’s hair. This fact is especially noted by women who want to restore hair.

No.8 Top choice: Turkey

Turkey remains on the frontline of a hair transplant — only imagine, daily the country hosts around 200 foreigners seeking a hair transplant.

Why do they come here?

● Because Turkish centers offer cost-effective programs. The average DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey is $2,300. In the UK, the price starts from $5,500, in the USA it can reach up to $15,000.
● Local hair transplantologists are very experienced.
● You can make a procedure and have a vacation at sea!

Follow the link and read more about DHI hair transplant in Turkey.

No.9 Qualified specialist

Only certified expert with the relevant experience can provide the procedure.
Check his/her CV, ask for before-after photos, read patient reviews.

No.10 Are you a candidate?

If your answer is YES to at least one of these questions, DHI hair transplant can work for you.
● Do you need a hair transplant of a front line?
● Are you looking for eyebrow transplantation?
● Are you looking for a beard/mustache implanting?
● Do you want to keep your hair cut/ hairstyle not shaving?
● Do you want a higher density of your thinning hair or forget about baldness?
● Do you have a weak donor area and couldn’t do a hair transplant before?

No.11 Follow up

Be ready to take care of your new hair properly according to your hair transplantologist’s recommendations. In that way, you can keep the desired result which will meet your needs.

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