Coffee is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world. Every day millions of cups of coffee are drunk by people around the world. One of the most popular coffees is a French press coffee. French press is one of the most conventional ways of making coffee. Now, many people prefer espresso or drip coffee as they are easier to make through machines.

What is French press coffee?

A French press coffee is made with the help of a French Press coffee maker. The coffee maker is very simple both function and construction. Mainly it can be a pot, cup or even a jug with a plunger in it. Once you pour boiled water and ground coffee beans inside it, you need to reinsert the plunger and then let the coffee brew. The temperature of the water in which the coffee is poured into depends on the person who is making the coffee. Unlike the other instant coffee makers or espresso machines, the water is not heated inside the maker. After a particular time, you can get a freshly brewed French press coffee. You don’t need electricity, or any fancy ‘push the button’ type instruction manuals to make this coffee. But you certainly need some time to come up with your own set of coffee and timing to brew that to get the best taste.

How beautiful the coffee should be?

The coffee beans are ground before making a cup of coffee. But how fine you should grind the beans depends on the process of making coffee. For espresso coffees, one needs more excellent coffee grinds. But for a French press coffee, the coffee beans should be ground coarser than a French press. As the coffee maker doesn’t decide the time of brewing, fine coffee grinds can mix into the boiled water and make the coffee taste bitter.

Why manually ground coffee?

1. French press coffees are famous for their aroma and different taste. In most cases, people who like to make the perfect French press coffee tend to grind their coffee by themselves. They grind the coffee according to their need to make the ideal coffee for them. It can vary from individual to individual.

2. Machine ground coffee beans can be fine, and if they are brewed for a long time, the taste of the coffee is ruined. Hand ground coffee beans, on the other hand, remains uneven and a little coarse. When they are brewed in the French press coffee maker, they take time to release the aroma and taste into the hot water. As a result, the signature taste of the French press coffee remains intact.

3. If anyone is using a grinder to grind the coffee beans for the French press coffee, they need to grind it in the coarse mood. Otherwise, the coffee beans will spoil the coffee. There are ground coffee beans which can be used for French press coffee makers only.

After the coarsely ground coffee is stirred into the hot water, it needs 3 to 4 minutes to brew in the water. The process can vary according to the taste of the person who is making the coffee. A good barista knows precisely how much time he has to keep the coffee into the water before reinserting the plunger just by judging how coarse or fine the ground coffee is. That is why the taste can be different due to the process of making the coffee.

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