I'm aware of the salary of an Assistant Professor. My basic income is Rs 32580 per month, which equates to Rs 73558 after deducting the 100 percent dearness allowance and a few other tiny allowances.

There are, however, certain deductions. A significant amount is set aside for income tax, insurance premiums deducted at source, electricity, and water, among other things. So, towards the end of the month, my account balance is approximately 40000-50000 dollars. In comparison, a professor is paid far more.

In terms of living standards, it is sufficient. The actual income, on the other hand, is something else entirely. Wherever you go, you'll be treated with respect. You're known as sir by almost everyone.

If you're a good teacher and human being, the cherry on top is your students' love.

Overall, it's a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.