Tea tree oil is a great all purpose essential oil. The Tea Tree Oil Bible gives you and your doctor or health care practitioner as much information as possible in a clear, simple and concise manner.

What got us interested in tea tree oil were the many successful personal health and hygiene applications we and others were using on a daily basis. The overwhelming testimonials indicated a little known yet powerful healing agent was being overlooked.

In many cases, people did not have enough information to minimize their efforts and maximize the benefits to themselves. When used properly, tea tree oil can help you save time, energy and money. In essence you can become your own manufacturer and save time, energy and expense by keeping a few key products in your home to use as a base for tea tree oil mixtures, or by boosting the effectiveness of products you are already using by adding a few drops of this powerful essential oil. Many commercially produced tea tree oil products are now being made for consumers.

This explosion of interest started us on a journey of exploration, where we discovered documented studies of the safe and effective uses for this miraculous essential oil. A summary of the research, resources and sources are supplied. This will help your health care professionals in their quest for better and safer ways of delivering your health care needs. This will help you help yourself.

As in all matters of health and well-being, it is your responsibility to find the answers that work best for you. Self-health care is your constitutional right, one which you can exercise on a daily basis.

Reference: The Tea Tree Oil Bible, Dr. George Grant, 1999.

Author's Bio: 

Prof Dr. George F. Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., B.Sc., C.Cem., R.M., C.B.S.
Integrative Medical Specialist, world-class professional speaker, corporate trainer, and author. Former Professor, and senior consultant for Health Canada. Analytical Chemist, Toxicologist, Microbiologist, Nutritionist, biofeedback, Stress Management, Pain management, anti aging and Indoor Air Quality Specialist. Founder of the Academy of wellness, 1982. Author of 7 best selling books, former Scientist at U of Sask. Faculty of Pharmacy/Nutrition & Professor at Seneca College in Toronto, senior consultant for Health Canada. Among International Who's Who of professionals. He has 100 published articles, conference presentations, book reviews and 7 bestselling books including a chapter in 100 ways to improve your life with Mark Victor Hanson, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Helped 7 Olympic Athletes to remain competitive. Helped thousands of clients worldwide.
Dr. Grant completed his doctorate degree from the university of Toronto; doctorate in Integrative & Humanterian Medicine from the Board of Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine [BOIM]; Masters Degree from Brock Univesity; Maters of Science in Food Chemistry,Microbiology, and Toxicology from the University of Sask.; B.Sc.[Hons.] University of British Columbia in Food Sc. & Nutrition; Batchlor of Technology, BCIT; and B.Sc.[Hons.] in Biochemistry from the University of Alexandria.