As the name suggests, it refers to the reverse of fast sex, think fine dining or a 12-course meal as opposed fast food. Slow sex does not necessarily infer to the amount of the time needed for sex, but the way it was being done – slow. It would be good to set aside 30minutes to practice slow sex.

The Slow sex movement is a term used by Nicole Daedone, founder of the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, who describes herself as the movement’s leader. She describes Orgasmic mediation and mindful sexuality as its practices.

It is easy to lose focus on the emotional connection in your relationship when you are in a rush. One of the first and easily things you could be doing is breathing together.

· Stand or sit facing each other and looking into each other’s eyes.

· Put your left hand on your partner’s heart and hold their hand with your right hand.

· Gaze into each other’s eyes for a few minutes and tune into your partner’s breathing.

· Relax your tummy muscles and breathe in and out together at the same time.

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Dr. Martha Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events. For more, visit or email