With the growing age, the skin becomes dull, and over time it develops lines, folds and wrinkles. It is a sign that your skin is losing its elasticity which may result in loss of firmness. So, in this content, you will get to know how to fight back against the situation with a brief knowledge of skin elasticity and how it works.

What is Skin Elasticity?

The elasticity of the skin is defined as its ability to get stretched and bounce back. Lack of elasticity is also known as elastosis, which is the degeneration of skin tissue due to the ageing factors. Moreover, when your skin gets exposed to the sun, then it causes solar elastosis. Your lifestyle is also a factor that leads to loss of elasticity.

What Causes the Skin to Lose Its Elasticity?

Young skin contains plenty of elastin and collagen, which are the proteins to give the skin the structure with firmness. But it loses over time, as we age, and it happens due to the hormonal changes. Even with the time, our ability to heal the skin also slows down and cause a loss in elasticity. The firmness of skin can also be affected low production of skin’s natural oil, stress, pollution, lack of sleeping and smoking as well.

What Happens to Skin With Our Age?

Collagen production of our skin starts at the age of 25 and keep decreasing by 1–2% each year. The skin will noticeably start showing its signs of ageing at ’30s. In the first 5 years of menopause, women’s skin loses almost 30% of collagen. Though the decrease in collagen level for men and women happens at the same rate, women lose it much faster after the menopause.

How to Improve Skin’s Elasticity: With anti-ageing treatment using plasma pen treatment makes your skin look smoother, tighter and give your skin a better lift.

Moreover, exfoliating facial, Collagen facials, Hydrating facials, light therapy facials and microdermabrasion are a few anti-ageing facials to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles besides rejuvenating the complexion without involving any surgery.

How to Prevent the Loss of Skin Elasticity in the Future: By addressing the lifestyle factors can prevent the decrease in skin elasticity. To boost the elasticity of your skin naturally, eat foods containing rich omega 3 fatty acids, dark chocolate, zinc, vitamins A, B, C and E. It is also better to avoid alcohol and if your sugar intake is too much, cut this habit from your food consumption too. Apart from all these, here are a few things to follow-

  • Stay hydrated
  • Reduce sugar consumption
  • Improve the quality and quantity of sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Give up smoking and drinking alcohol

While concluding here, keep one thing in mind that professional anti-ageing treatments and anti-ageing facials in Blacktown are much more effective than DIY ones. Since the estheticians know which techniques and products the client needs, based on their skin condition. Moreover, technicians have a wide range of tools and products to choose according to different treatment plans.

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The author is an anti-ageing facial provider in Blacktown and passionately writes blogs and articles to make users aware of different skin treatment plans.