Most people see sinus as an allergy. People suffering from sinus often face trouble in breathing due to the presence of dust, dust, smoke, etc in the air. However, sinus is so much more than just an allergy in the nose, it is mainly caused due to enlargement or skewing of the nasal bone.

What is sinus?

Sinus is a nasal problem, also known as sinusitis or sinus problem. This disease occurs when a person’s nose bone grows and due to which he or she suffers from cold.

Sometimes this disease gets cured with time, but if left unattended for long, then nose surgery is the only option left.

How many types of sinus are there?

There are mainly four types of sinus, which are mentioned as follows:

1. Acute sinus- This is the most common type of sinus, which is also known as sinus infection.

It is mainly caused due to various virus or bacteria.

2. Chronic sinus- This is a condition in which the cells around the nasal perforations swell.

Chronic sinus often leads to swollen nose, and causes immense pain.

3. Deviated sinus- When the sinus is caused in one part of the nose, then it is known as a Deviated sinus. It obstructs that part of the nose, and the person has difficulty in breathing.

4. Hay sinus- Hay sinus can also be called an allergic sinus. This sinus occurs mainly to the person who is allergic to dust particles, pets, etc.

What are the symptoms of sinus?

However, most people say that they did not know when they got sinus. But, it is not correct to say that, like any other problem, this nasal disease also has some symptoms, which indicate its occurrence.

Therefore, if a person sees these five symptoms, then he should inform the doctor immediately.

1. Headache- This is the main symptom of sinus, in which the person has a headache.

2. Feeling heaviness in the nose- Another symptom of sinus is that in this condition, heaviness is felt in the nose.

3. Fever – It is often seen that some people get a fever due to sinus. Although it is possible to treat it with normal medication, it is still advised to consult a doctor.

4. Cough- Some people may also cough due to sinus.

5. Swelling on the face- If a person gets facial swelling on the face around the nose, then he should inform the doctor at the earliest.

What causes sinus?

This question matters to every person who suffers from this nasal disease.

He is always keen to know what caused the disease so that he can get it treated properly.

Sinus can be mainly due to the following reasons:

• Allergies- This nasal disease can occur mainly to the person who has any kind of allergy.

This is the reason why a person should get his allergy checked periodically.

• Weakness of immunity- If a person has an immunity system, he may have a sinus problem.

• Abnormal nasal structure – As explained above, this nasal problem can occur when a person’s nose structure is abnormal.

Therefore, when a person goes to a doctor with this problem, then, in that case, the doctors do an X-ray of his nose to find out the structure of his nose.

Family history – Like any other problem, sinus can also be caused by family history.

If another person in the family of a person has a sinus, they are more likely to get this nasal disease.

• Migraine suffering- Sinus can also occur to the person who is suffering from Migraine. Therefore, a person suffering from Migraine should get it treated properly.

How can sinus be treated?

Follow the below mentioned steps to cure your sinus infection:

1. Undergoing Ayurvedic treatment- At present, Ayurvedic is considered as the best option for treating any disease because its success rate is quite high.

2. Consumption of antibiotics – Treatment of this nasal disease is also possible through antibiotics. These medicines prevent the sinus from growing in the body and also give some relief to the person.

3. Using Nasal Spray- If a person suffering from sinus uses Nasal spray, then it can give him some relief. Thus nasal spray plays an important role in curing nasal disease.

4. Doing Yoga- In present times, Yoga is seen as the best way to cure any disease.

5. Surgery- When sinus treatment is not possible by any other means, doctors resort to surgery.

In this situation, performing nasal surgery or sinus surgery may prove beneficial.

Final Words:

People often think that sinus cannot be treated and once you start suffering from this condition it will become a lifetime ailment. However, this is not true. Sinus can be treated. Identify the symptoms fast and seek a doctor at the earliest. Also, consider the above-mentioned methods of sinus treatment.

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