Shopify is one of the most popular platforms you can use for e-commerce purposes. It's a leader in its field - no doubt about it.
In other words, Shopify exists to help you launch, build, and develop a profitable dropshipping business online.
Now, what is dropshipping?
To sum up, dropshipping is a business model where the retailer doesn't keep goods in stock. He transfers a customer's order to a manufacturer or wholesaler, who then ships it to the client.
Why should you engage in such a business?
Well, doing dropshipping online will allow you to earn tons of money from the difference between wholesale and retail prices.
That sounds great!
How do you launch such an online business?
As you can guess, here is where Shopify comes in.
But what is Shopify?
Shopify is an e-commerce platform that will give you the opportunity to open an online shop.
What kind of products can you sell with a Shopify store?
You can sell both physical and digital products and services.
Do you need technical experience or background to launch a store on Shopify?
No, you don't need any coding knowledge or skills.
How should you use Shopify to sell online or in-person?
Currently, you can sell through the platform in a couple of ways:
1) Create an e-commerce website to sell online
2) Sell in-person in your store, pop-up shop, or on the go.
3)Sell online and in-person at the same time.
4) Sell on Social Media.
5) Omnichannel selling with Shopify.
What are the pros and cons of using Shopify?
Let's start with the pros:
1) Built-In Payment Tools - the platform will provide your future customers with many options for payment.
2) Mobile-Friendly - trusting Shopify for building an online shop means that your store will be mobile-friendly.
3) Amazing Features - the platform comes with tons of valuable tools and features that will advance your business. Some of them are SEO marketing tools and abandoned cart recovery notifications.
4) 24/7 Tech Support - Shopify has a whole team of professionals that will assist you with any problem that may occur with your shop.
5) No Start-Up Cost - the platform has a free trial. Therefore, you don't have to pay anything at all to start using it.
6) Free Templates - don't pay a cent for a premium theme - Shopify will let you have a beautiful, free one.
7) Simple To Use - this e-commerce platform is easy to work with, so you can launch a store in less than half an hour.
And here are the cons of Shopify:
1) Costly Apps - you may want to invest in add-ons. However, a couple of the Shopify apps will cost you a lot of cash.
2) Transaction Fees - if you choose Shopify as your e-commerce platform, you'll have to pay between 0.5%-2.0% transaction fees.
With that being said, is Shopify worth it?
No matter how you want to see the platform, it's still the number one choice for millions of business owners online.
There must be a reason why so many people are trusting Shopify with their businesses, right?
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