Sexual dysfunction or sexual disorder is a problem that occurs during the phase of the sexual response cycle. This problem prevents a couple or an individual from witnessing the pleasure from sexual activity. The sexual response cycle comprises of excitement, resolution, plateau, and orgasm. Arousal and desire are part of the excitement phase during the sexual response.

Studies suggest that sexual problems are common in both men and women. Almost 43% of women and 31% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction. Most people are hesitant to even talk about the problems they face in their sexual life. However, many treatments are available to combat sexual dysfunction in men and women.

It occurs when you face difficulties that prevent you from enjoying and desiring sexual activities. It may hit you at any point in your life. Men and women may witness problems in sexual life at any age; however, the chances of developing sexual problems increase with age.

Common Causes

There are many reasons that may cause sexual dysfunction. These include:

• Stress
• Sexual Trauma
• Diabetes
• Psychological Issues
• Heart condition or other medical disorders
• Drug Abuse
• Alcohol consumption
• Certain drugs for some other medical condition

When does a bad night become a disorder?

Sexual dysfunction is of four types. It is completely fine to not be in the mood sometimes. None of the following should be considered a disorder unless these problems keep on recurring and affect your personal life. These are:

Desire Disorder: It is a disorder where the patient has no interest in any form of sexual activity.

Arousal Disorder: It is a type of disorder where the patient is in the mood however, the body does not resonate.

Orgasm Disorder: It is a type of disorder where the patient is in the mood, but does not reach the climax and ends up in frustration.

Pain Disorder: It is a type of disorder where the patient experiences pain during sexual intercourse.

Libido lowdown

Low levels of testosterone can cause low sex drive in men. However, there can be numerous reasons for women to have low libido. Lovegra is FDA Approve Women Viagra which increases libido. Read More about it.

These include:

• low levels of estrogen
• low levels of testosterone
• hormonal changes after childbirth
• breast-feeding
• menopause

Other reasons include:

• diabetes
• high blood pressure
• relationship problems
• certain medications
• stress
• sexual inhibitions
• fear of pregnancy
• fatigue

Sexual dysfunction in men: Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual disorder found in men. It is a disorder wherein a man finds it difficult to develop and maintain a firm erection so as to carry out proper sexual intercourse. The main reasons that cause ED are:

• a problem with the flow of blood
• a nerve disorder
• an injury in the penile region
• psychological problems, like stress, anxiety, and depression
• relationship traumas
• chronic illness
• some other medications
• Peyronie’s disease

Recurring incidents of erectile dysfunction may also cause anxiety.

Sexual dysfunction in men: Ejaculation disorders

Premature ejaculation is also a common sexual disorder faced by men. In this disorder, ejaculation happens prior to or just after penetration. The main reason behind premature ejaculation is performance anxiety. The main reasons behind premature ejaculation are:

• other psychological stressors
• nerve damage
• sexual inhibitions
• certain medications
• spinal cord damage

During Impaired ejaculation the patient is not able to ejaculate at all. It is more common in men suffering from diabetes to experience problems in ejaculation. During, the sexual intercourse, the ejaculation enters into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis. It is not a major medical issue but it can impair fertility. If you are experiencing it then you must immediately consult a doctor.

Sexual dysfunction in women: Pain and discomfort

There are many reasons that may cause pain during sexual intercourse. The main reasons are:

• tense vaginal muscles
• inadequate lubrication
• Involuntary muscle spasms

These can be the symptoms of the urinary tract, neurological, and bowel disorders.

• Hormonal changes during menopause
• Drop in estrogen levels
• Thinning of the lining of the vagina
• Decreased lubrication

Sexual dysfunction in women: Difficulty having an orgasm
There are many reasons that cause difficulty in achieving orgasm. These are:

• Fatigue
• Stress
• Pain and discomfort during intercourse
• Low sex drive
• Hormonal changes

Treating physical causes

The treatment of sexual dysfunction depends upon the main cause behind it. Treating the medical condition behind it can greatly help in fixing sexual dysfunction. Sometimes switching medications can also work. ED treatments have become more advanced and better in the past few years. Many medications like Cenfroce 100 Ed pill, Vidalista, Fildena , etc.and medical surgeries can be of great help. Lubricating creams and gels may also be helpful in fixing vaginal dryness. You can Find All Type of Ed Medicine at generic pharmacy at Generic Villa.

Treating psychological causes

Psychological counseling can be a great help in combating sexual dysfunction. A therapist session can help in fixing issues of stress and anxiety. A healthy discussion with a partner will help in strengthening intimacy and improve communication.

Long-term outlook

Almost every person experiences sexual dysfunction at some point in his or her lives. This problem can be tackled by reducing stress and anxiety. A good outlook can help you to overcome this problem. Discussions and proper communication with a partner can help in solving many problems. Deep-seated issues can take a bit longer to manage; however, a positive approach is necessary.

Points to ponder

Do not hesitate to communicate; it is the key that will solve all your problems. Be it your partner or your therapist; be vocal about the issues you are facing. Talking it out is the best way to deal with it.
You are more likely to develop sexual dysfunction if you smoke or consume alcohol. Before starting a new medication, research about its side effects and consume it only as directed by the specialist. Sexual dysfunction happens to almost all the people, so don’t stress about it too much. If it bothers you a lot then don’t hesitate the seek medical assistance.

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