What is Seo:-

SEO is a process by which we can increase the organic ranking of our website in search engines. In simple words -SEO is all the ways by which we can bring our website to the top of search engines so that more and more people see it.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.”

Learn Seo In Singapore:-

Why is it important to do SEO ???? Why SEO is important?

When more than 90% of people do some search on a search engine like Google, then only visit the websites that came on the first page. Only a lot of people go to the second page.

  • SEO is necessary to increase the traffic on our website or blog.
  • By doing SEO, we can come to the top page without paying Google.
  • Nowadays, if you want to know about anything, then people first search on google.

In such a situation, if your website comes on the top page of Google, then it is also good for your brand Goodwill.  Because " what he sees, he sells." "Search engine optimization has two important factors. First of all, we talk about on-page Seo because it is the most important factor to increase organic traffic on the website.

To set up your website according to search engine optimize, the work that is done on it is called on-page SEO.

By doing this, your organic traffic increases. Directing your website by searching keywords on google is called organic traffic.

On-page SEO has many factors, with the help of which you can optimize your website for on-page, we are going to tell you some common factors.

♦website design

♦website speed

♦Website Structure

♦Website Favicon

♦Mobile-friendly Website

♦Title Tag

♦Meta Description

♦Keyword Density

♦ Image alt day

♦URL Structure

♦Internal Links

♦Highlight Important Keyword

♦Use Heading Tag

♦Post-Good Length

♦Google Sitemap

♦Check Broken Links

♦SEO Friendly URL

♦Google Analytics

♦Social Media Button

♦HTML Page Size

♦Clear Page Cache

♦Website security HTTPS etc

Off-Page Seo

To rank your website and post in the search engine, promoting its link on the internet is called off Page SEO.

When your post is promoted and shared on the internet, it gets some signal to the search engine. Which search engine increases the ranking of that post.

There are many ways to do Off-Page SEO. With the help of which you can increase the traffic of your website by increasing the ranking of your post. We are telling you how to do something off-page.

1.Social Networking Site

♦ Facebook page
 Facebook group
♦ Twitter
♦ Google plus etc

2.Social Bookmarking Site

♦ Tumblr
♦ Pinterest
♦ Diggo
♦ Digg
♦ Linkedin
♦ Reddit
♦ Stumbleupon
♦ Delicious etc

3.Guest Posting

4.Forum Posting

5.Blog Commenting

6.Blog Directory Submission

7.Search Engine Submission

8.Classifieds Submission Site

9.Video-Sharing site

10.Photo Sharing site

11.Question and Answering Site

How To Learn SEO:-

If your blog or website is new, first of all, you submit it to all search engines like - Google, Yahoo, etc. After this you should also have some basic SEO knowledge about which you have been told further:

  • For SEO (Search Engine Optimize) you should select the right SEO keywords.
  • Use the keywords you have selected on your website and blog.
  • Buy your domain for a long time.
  • Submit your website's sitemap to Google. There is a sitemap.Xml that contains all the information on our site.
  • Only put useful content on the blog, which will increase the returning visitors to your site.
  • Put regular content on the blog and the content of the blog should be detailed.
  • Make the title and description of the blog attractive and impressive.

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