What is SEO Friendly Content Writing
Did you know an average SEO content writer earns about $8000-$9000 per month? Even an average SEO content company makes up to $81,103 annually.

What Is SEO?

The term SEO stands for Search engine optimization, which is the art of increasing the amount and the quality of the traffic that a website receives through organic search engine results.

In order to completely understand SEO, its easier to be broken down into terms:

• Quality of traffic: You can have all the viewers you like, but if they’re coming to your website because Sources say you’re an Apple computer resource when you’re just a farmer selling apples, that’s not quality traffic. Instead, you should target customers who are genuinely interested in your products.

• Quantity of traffic: once you are sure that you are attracting suitable viewers through those search engine result pages (SERP), those are called quality traffic.

• Organic outcomes: ads constructs a vital phase of different SERPs. Organic traffic is a type of traffic you do not have to pay for.

What is SEO-friendly Content Writing?

So what is SEO-friendly? It is a content composed in such a way that it guides search engines to evaluate what the topic is about, what viewers queries are answering to, and what your viewers are supposed to learn from your article

Therefore, search engines can represent your article for authentic viewers in the top ranks. Search optimization has its benefits, such as traffic and increase in audience, and cheaper and more efficient than paid advertisements.

Tips on SEO Writing:

Primary objective; write for your audience:
It seems simple enough, but many businesses create content for the wrong reasons. Write material that speaks to your target market’s needs or addresses their concerns. Not every article needs to be about your item or brand, but they should all be relevant to your industry. Write SEO-friendly, engaging, and insightful content to establish yourself and your company as industry professionals and do it better than your competitors.

Own your blog:
In order to get the credit and the traffic your content deserves, you should keep the content under your domain name. This means if you post a blog with the aid of WordPress or Blogger and host the blog in one of the subheadings of your website. You have a chance to showcase your blogs and others forms of content such as infographics, videos, or whitepapers. Also, remember to advertise them after uploading them to your website.

Come up with a main creative heading:
The headings are limited in the case of words, but they atone a heavy meaning. Compose clear, engaging titles. Ensure that your meta description is interesting and explained adequately according to the topic of your article.

Utilize keyword-rich phrases:
Use authentic, keyword-rich phrases while writing headings along the body of your article. This lets a reader and the engine crawler understand what the theme is based on. Keyword stuffing can be a backfire for your article because it decreases the reader’s interest and can even issue penalties from the search engine.

Organize your posts:
A reader might even lose interest in reading your content if it is not well-organized. To prevent this, write short paragraphs up to five to six lines; this will make it convenient for the reader to read and keep them engaged. For search engines, reverse chronological organization can be a good technique too. Write a proper tag hierarchy when tagging titles is crucial to maintain a well-categorized article.

Add images:
Adding images can make a blog more interesting. Use charts and specific imaginaries to explain the information differently. Some readers might find it difficult to understand from words, in such case can refrain to your provided images for their better understanding.

Utilize social media:
Social media is a great platform to attract traffic, gain influence, and advertising. There are many ways to utilize social media; you can ask a famous blogger to give you a shoutout or even advertise by tapping on the business options of the app. You can use various platforms for advertising your content, such as; Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Why is SEO Writing necessary?

There could be many reasons for writing the search engine. Some do it for passion, and some do it for influence, some do it for profit, etc. SEO writing comes with plenty of benefits. Not only the person gain influence or profits. They can also broaden their range of knowledge, envelop new ideas and create unique content. The road of SEO writing is just endless.

In the End:

Various SEO content services provide guidance or even develop blogs for people who lack such craft. They consist of people who have a great understanding of search engine optimization. There are various possibilities of SEO writing; it’s on you how you design yours.

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