Digital Marketing has become one of most strong and important tool to boost sales and increase traffic on your website.

As Internet has became integral part of our routine life. It has gained huge importance in our lives when it comes to online shopping , getting some information and searching amazing content.

As millions of users are using internet. This medium not only providing entertainment but also business.

As compare to conventional media ( Tv , Radio etc ) , Internet is more powerful and cheap to advertise your business.

There are no. of factors explaining why online marketing is best in 2021 :

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Cheap Advertisement
Relevant and targeted advertisements
Population of Internet Users
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO :
Technical SEO :
Local SEO :
The top amazing factor of digital media is the cheap advertising prices as compare to conventional media whose cost is too high .Comparing both media costs , as a company you should be thinking to advertising on digital media keeping in mind the budget and benefits.

The Ads run on Main Stream media are not targeted towards specific audience thus their conversion rate is much less than Digital Ads which are highly targeted and thus produce quality results . If You are doing a business of garments and you are going to run your Ad on Facebook or Google . These websites will allow you to target the audience who have interest in buying garments. Ultimately , Your sales will grow and your earnings will boost in less price.

If you compare users of Main stream media ( Tv , radio ) and Internet. You will come to know that active users of internet has crosses the main stream and it has more attention and power. People are using more social media and have got more awareness of products and services.

One of the top and best free traffic grabbing strategy is optimizing your website for SEO. It is amazing and bring high quality relevant traffic for your website.

It works like you are creating content around topics which are being searched on search engines frequently such as Google .

SEO works like a magic if you have done it correct . It will bring the relevant traffic towards your website which will be qualified and targeted with intent to buy or visit to see your content.

To make your website SEO friendly you need to make some technical changes as well in your website.

SEO Includes following strategies :

It means optimizing your content with keywords and make it search engine friendly , it includes :

Keywords Research
Internal Linking
Human Friendly URLs
Site Structure
Titles , meta description and heading optimization with keywords
It Includes creating links for your websites from different websites to increase your Domain Authority :

Creating a Link Building Plan
Create high quality backlinks from relevant websites
Creating your business online presence with quality links
It Includes technical aspect of SEO

Optimizing Sitemaps of your websites
optimize loading speed of your website
Robots.txt file optimization
If You have some physical business or a place then best strategy is to improve your local presence on internet.

a person having a physical place , he must be showing his business on Google and other search engines .

Google My Business is most popular and strong tool to increase leads of your business.

Optimizing Google Maps and submitting your websites on Local Directories would increase your sales and traffic on your website.

The Reason i explained more about Seo is due to its vast benefits and less cost to implement seo strategy and gets huge benefits from it .

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