Rhetorical essay is little bit difficult than the rest of the essay types for it require undivided attention from the side of the writer. In rhetorical essays, one has to convince the reader of his or her viewpoint in the rhetorical essays. Therefore, you should have all the persuasive skills to convince the reader, there are many tactics to persuade the reader about the subject but the following article will tell you three major persuading skills so that you can effectively convince the reader about the topic.

The three major persuasion tactics for rhetorical essay are:

1- Logos that is based on reasoned discourse

2- Pathos that is based on communication tactics

3- Ethos that is based on the different arguments

Students have to discuss the theme of the rhetorical essay so as to persuade the readers, in order to develop reasonable arguments; students have to conduct an extensive research work for rhetorical essays. It is only the research work that can create good rhetorical essays. The above told three tactics are called as the art of rhetoric; if you will develop the three effective writing skills then nobody can take your grades from you.

The persuasion tactics are not the only thing which requires for dealing with rhetorical essays, there are certain strategies that a student can incorporate while writing rhetorical essays.

Provide examples for every argument:

Rhetorical essays are all based on the sturdy arguments and in order to prove arguments more credible one should include examples, facts and figures. For example if you are saying that smoking is injurious to your health then it should be followed by some example or latest facts and figures.

Furthermore, you can also provide ins and out about the topic of the rhetorical essays this will also give them first hand information. Another strategy that can be very useful is to tell them a story that can be made up or real one depending the way you like.

Now, if you think rhetorical essays are argumentative essays then you are wrong, there is a big difference between them. The biggest difference is that in rhetorical essays, there are no opposing views while in argumentative essays, both side of the argument is discussed. Rhetorical essays are not as difficult as it seems to be, you just have develop sturdy arguments keeping in mind the above three strategies that will help you establish a viewpoint about the topic of rhetorical essays.

Hence, rhetorical essays need to establish a viewpoint from the side of the writer and then support it throughout the essay by giving powerful arguments that can also be based on three principles that are Logos, ethos, pathos. The three principles that are called as the art of rhetoric are especially used for writing rhetorical essays; you can also them effectively to improve your rhetorical essays. Furthermore, you if you have any further problems about writing rhetorical essays then you must consult your instructor because nobody can guide you better than your teachers.

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