Jewelry is a broad term that explains any ornamental decoration on the body. It contains toe rings to tiaras and everything in between. Jewelry has been used in every culture all through history and in many different ways. While in our culture today jewelry serves largely an aesthetic objective, jewelry can serve other objectives as well. Jewelry is used to represent official or social rank, marital status, age, and tribal affinity. Further, jewelry serves as symbols of religious affiliation. The following are the big cultures that start the use of religious jewelry and the general symbols and uses of their jewelry.

Religious jewelry and Roman Christianity

Architecture and art flourished when St. Constantine Christianized the Roman Empire. So, many famous symbols were created that are still used in Jewelry and Christian art. These symbols contain the rosary, the cross, and the Christian fish charm. The cross is a sign of God’s love and a reminder of Christ suffering. Rosary beads are prayer beads that start in the Roman Christian globe but are now used predominately by the Catholic Church. Rosary bread is also used in the Buddhist and Islam faith.

Egyptian religious jewelry

Religious jewelry is very old Egypt was extremely symbolic. Some general symbols in Ancient Egyptian religious jewelry contain the scarab, eye, falcon, serpent, and the lotus. The scarab is a symbol of best luck resurrection while the “Horus Eye” represents healing. A general symbol of the time known as “Ankh” is meant to show eternal life. Religious jewelry was over generous, consisting of semi-precious stones and gold and was worn by women and men alike. When the Roman age arrived, Egyptian religious jewelry was prepared of affordable materials and more Christian signs are used. When Islam arrived in Egypt then men were not allowed to wear gold jewelry. So, silver jewelry becomes more famous in holy jewelry in Egypt. Religious jewelry is still largely used in Egypt but does not have the same over-spending as the very old Egyptian religious jewelry.

Native American Jewelry

Native American religious jewelry was a sign for nature, played a job in religious ceremonies and represented status. Natural materials were used in their jewelry adding feathers along with minerals such as metals and turquoise like silver. This natural stuff was a reminder of the Earth around them. During harvest rituals and healing ceremonies, the people would take care to wear specific types of religious jewelry that were the best color, made of the best materials, and representing the best symbol for that event. The jewelry that is worn by a person is representative of the different levels of life an individual has entered into. Native American religious jewelry was also given to ladies and to newly married couples. Religious jewelry has played an important role in Native American culture.

Because our culture today uses jewelry largely for decorative objectives we often forget the roots of jewelry and how to some cultures, it can have a stronger spiritual meaning. Recognizing the significance of this jewelry in other cultures permits us to view larger symbolic uses that jewelry can be used for.

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