Reflexology, an alternative therapy treatment, is regarded by many as a natural healing art. It involves the use of pressure to one’s feet and hands at certain points that coordinate with body parts. These points are defined by a chart which divides the feet and hands into sections which affect a particular body part. This form of therapy has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. There is evidence that this was used by the ancient Egyptians due to a wall painting found in a tomb known as the physician’s tomb. It is also believed to be closely connected to the Oriental practices of shiatsu and acupuncture.

Reflexology is a wonderful complement to traditional medical services. The practioner will apply pressure, stretch and movement to work through the various parts of the foot or hand depending on the needs of the client. It is similar to massage techniques but the focus is more on applying pressure. The amount of pressure varies depending on the area and also a good practioner will adjust the pressure they use to the preferences of their client. If it is done correctly, it should be a very relaxing procedure that lasts for quite some time.

There are many who tend to criticize reflexology. They do not think it is effective because there are no definite trials or scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness. There are those that say it is effective in cleansing the body of toxins, increasing the circulatory system, assisting in weight control and improving the health of one’s body organs. Others have had success with a wide range of ailments such as heart disease, liver trouble, hair loss, emphysema, hemorrhoids, hiccups and many others. If nothing else, most will agree that it is a fantastic stress reliever. Many Terra Organic Spa clients have had great success with this form of treatment. http://WWW.TERRAORGANICSPA.COM

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Rachel McClean an alumnus of the Finger Lakes School of Massage decided to open a spa that had an emphasis on natural products and treatments in a holistic setting. Since that time she has taken on practitioners with the same mindset. As a result, Terra Organic Spa now offers a variety of the purest treatments in the Central New York area.

Rachel fell in love with the human figure while studying Sculpture and Figurative Art at Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art. After helping develop "the family business" Energy Savers Inc., she returned to her study of the human figure via the Finger Lakes School of Massage. With her background in Figurative Art, Business and Marketing and most important Massage creating Terra has allowed Rachel to fully integrate her interests. Rachel specializes in blending Massage with Energy Therapy, Injury Recovery, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy and Pregnancy Massage.