Reflexology deals with healing or improving the body functions by putting adequate amount of pressure on certain points under the foot which reflectologists refer to as zones. Each zone or pressure point under the feet corresponds to a particular body organ. By massaging these reflex centres under the feet reflexology aims at improving functioning of the body system for healthy living. It is believed that such feet massages induce stimulation of certain good enzymes and other bodily chemicals that promote the general well being. Some reflexologists even claim that this technique using the reflexes can be used to cure certain illness.

Who could go for reflexology foot massage?

Being risk free any adult can go for this massage. But there are some conditions during which you should consider avoiding this foot massage, these are as follows:-

  • When the person suffers from any kind of bleeding be it internal or external, he/ she should avoid reflexology massage.
  • When the Patient has suffered from heart attack previously, consider taking the massage only after discussing your medical history with the reflexology practitioner.
  • Do not go for this massage if you are pregnant

During the massaging session you may feel mild discomfort or pain which should vanish by the time the masseur has completed your foot massage. Customarily a typical reflexology massage lasts for 45 minutes to one hour. It is usually a very relaxing experience; if otherwise please mention this to your masseur. Avoid eating immediately after or before your reflexology foot massage. While this massage could be a very comforting and advantageous experience it is important to get it done from a veteran masseur. He/ she would know exactly, without doubt which is the reflex point corresponds to an organ in particular. When opting for the massage make the reflexology expert aware of any kind of body problems you might be facing. This will help the masseur concentrate on your bodily problem and help in providing you with good health. It is what foot reflexology mainly aims at doing, which is promoting health with touch. Strong foundations in this kind of healing technique is yet to be laid as more and more people come forward with interest to learn about it and also experience it.

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