A one of a kind and detailed program, Quit 9 to 5 Academy gives the participants the opportunity to learn how to make huge amounts of money from promoting niche products such as iPhone chargers, numerology electric flossers, charcoal bags, socks, and digital products among many others. Besides being a completely new product from what you are used to, the program for 2019 is up to date.

Its user-friendliness level is top-notch irrespective of the level. Beginners are well taken care of since the program starts by teaching the basics. Students are taught everything including the glossary of affiliate marketing terms such as CTR and CPC. The objective is to ensure that every student eventually masters high-level scaling strategies in the Facebook Business Manager - something that is hard to come by in other programs. The distilled and simplified information makes it comprehensible to every person irrespective of their experience.

While the teaching method of Quit 9 to 5 Academy is unconventional, effectiveness is guaranteed. Students do not have to worry about going it alone as soon as they are done learning. The program is designed in a manner that the students are helped to generate income at the beginning. This is done to not only boost their confidence, but also, to enhance their chances of success, and prevent an instance where they would throw in the towel by thinking that it doesn't work. Students receive templates from the recommended offers whose effectiveness and practicality have been tested as far as profitability is concerned. Students benefit from amazing offers from the priority vendors of Quit 9 to 5 Academy, that is usually only available to super affiliates.

Students also learn important aspects of online marketing such as expert ad and lander creation, new risk management strategies and ethical successful funnels.

There are no restrictions to the plug and play templates as well as vendor hookups - whether you are a novice or an experienced marketer. The aim is to help the students come out strong, and more so, make money as they continue to learn. The seven modules of in-depth training give students the ability to not apply what they have learned, but also, to engage their creativity and as such, soar higher and higher.

The questions posted on the private Facebook group of the program will be answered on a weekly basis. These efforts are focussed towards ensuring that the gaps experienced by students in their development are addressed accordingly.

In a nutshell, students can expect the following privileges upon enrolling for the program:

I. Seven modules made up of A to Z lessons free of fluff and capable of simplifying your path to success.
II. The methods, the exact formula, and the secrets the program owners use to hack five figures daily.
III. Access to high converting Facebook Ads used by the site.
IV. Weekly calls that address your problems and at the same challenging you to become better.
V. Access to the site's private Facebook group and community that is kept current and updated at all times.
VI. Page templates for promoting products even before the official launch - for several recommended offers.

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