Different researchers have different disagreements about mental strength. But their logic is scientifically proven? Although a limited number of people believe in that spiritual power, a large number of people are disbelieving about it. All the events of the world have happened in the past, are happening now and will happen in the future. We are aware of the past and present. But we are not 100% sure about the future. We can guess the future in the past and present.

Today's scientific affair has generally agreed that mental capacity does not go with science. Many people have the question that the issue of mental power is completely different. Or is it just a fraud? On the other hand, scientists are not interested to understand that just guess what the reality can be realized?

The great monks, monarchs, astrologers of the past used to explain the planets outside the Earth. In addition, the planets also predicted human life according to the direction of the stars. Astrologers usually predicted through a human hand line. From where there are some samples of past, present and future.

The issue of mental power is usually achieved in spiritual matters, in contrast to scientific reasoning. Anyway, if it is properly reviewed in this regard, we can see that there are some incidents in our biosphere that are really surprising.

It is not possible to give scientific reasoning of this incident. Many people try to avoid or even refuse to understand these inner things. Suppose I was an eyewitness to what happened to my actual reality. There is a need for a trusted man to share that experience. Depending on how she (torrential) matter will be taken back to the reality. If someone does not believe then the real event remains imaginative. We often see the magic of any occasion. But in many cases all the magic is magic? Or is it just hard to tell the deceit? Cleverness is just a replica of the external skills and experience of the people. Which is not only related to reality but to the outside world? On the other hand, knowing the age of a person without knowing, does it show the true mental capacity? Can an advance prediction about an event be an example of mental skills?
There are many incidents in our daily lives which are directly related to our thinking power. Strange, though, we try to think about the things that we think and make them realistic. But if the actual form is assumed, then it seems very strange and unusual. Maybe it is a part of mental skill. But there is no guarantee that the skill will always come in handy. It only matches fate with our five senses about past, present and future. Whose scientific explanation is not yet?

On the other hand, considering the subject of religion, it is not possible to reconcile scientific reasoning, perhaps in some cases there may be matches. But the spiritual things remain incomplete. That is why science and religion take different paths. If you think about the direction of religion, the issue of mental power is clear. Just as Buddhist religion has the exact interpretation of the psychological subject. Where people can control the five senses(Eyes, ears, nose, tongue & skin) with emotional power Even a thoughtful person can have the ability to transcend altogether (know the past, present and future of a person) and take yourself to the maximum extent. Only say mental power. That is not possible for the common man. Because it is only a matter of perceived. There are some specimens in the Hindu Wang Muslim religion. In Hindu and Buddhist religions, there is also a matter of rebirth of people, where people are born from one clime to another after death, being influenced by their actions and minds. The world's oldest religions are Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Jainism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism. Some of the beliefs in psychology are found in these religions.

Ultimately, there will be a time when people will have their emotional strength and relationships with the outside world. Then maybe this spiritual energy will rate the scientific power.

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