you will see so many metal decor everywhere you look at these days. Do you think that cutting metal ornately is something intriguing to you? There is a big chance that a piece of plasmacam art that was created by a process known as plasma cutting.

Plasmacam cutting involves the use of a plasma torch that blows out inert gas at high speeds. With this process, as the gas comes into contact with metal, an electrical arc is formed and some of the inert gas is turned into plasma right away. This plasma is hot enough that it melts the metal and fast enough that it blows the melted metal away from the area being cut.

When it comes to so many great inventions, plasma cutting was actually discovered by mistake. An inventor in the 1960s was working on a better welding process when he accidentally stumbled into the popular plasma cutting. By the 1980s, it had become an effective way to cut sheet metal. This was because unlike traditional cutting methods, plasmacam cutting did not produce metal chips and was more accurate. At this moment, plasma cutters were fairly large and expensive, so they were used mainly for mass production projects. Between the years late 1980's and early 1990's, the computer numerical control (CNC) technology began to be used in plasma cutting. This allowed different shapes and patterns to be programmed into the machine and then be cut from the metal, although at this time the cuts were usually limited to simple shapes with only two axes of motion. Because of this technology, it eventually led to the discovery of plasma cutters today and the rise in the popularity of plasmacam art.

After this, the Plasmacam art can be seen everywhere today from lamps to tables to signs and wall art. If you prefer, intricate details and small cuts can be added to make a piece really stand out. Plasma cutting is not just decorative, it has industrial uses as well. Plasma cutting can be used to cut pieces for tools and machine components as well as fabricating custom parts for HVAC ductwork.
With the use of plasma cutting, it is possible to make cuts using your own artwork, computer clipart or true type fonts. The kind of software that takes a scan of your artwork, converts it to a vector, cleans and smoothes any rough edges and readies the image to be cut is what you need for this artwork. Or if you want to, you can also choose to change the size of the image and cut any number of copies you want. With this, your image can even be combined with true type fonts. Adding your family name to an image can make a great piece of art for display in your home and its one-of-a-kind too. There are cliparts that are available online too.

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