Today the world of business is often referred to as Peer to Peer (P2P) funding. There are many advantages of starting a business in the P2P arena. Firstly, it allows new companies to get started without having the capital to start an expensive R&D unit or equipment. The money is usually provided by investors who have a small stake in the start up business. Because this funding option is not traditional bank loans, your credit history will not be a problem. There is no collateral or security needed to obtain funding and your application can be submitted to a variety of lending institutions.

The technology that drives this type of system is called the Internet. It makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get their start up business up and running. Companies can solicit start up money from a wide range of investors without having to create a business plan or financial projections. Investors providing startup funds provide small amounts of money, usually less than a few thousand dollars, with the understanding that they will in turn invest more money in the business once it is fully operational. In exchange, the investor takes a risk in terms of the return on their investment and is reimbursed through the profit the business generates.

The Internet has made it much easier to find funding for your startup business. Because there are so many start up companies available to invest in, finding a suitable partner and company to invest in can be very time consuming. One of the most attractive advantages for using peer to peer lending methods is the ability to apply to multiple investors at one time. In some cases you can apply to multiple companies, all of whom can offer different investment opportunities to you. Because the start up costs are so low, a small business that makes use of this method can get started on a small budget.

Here you can know more details about what is peer to peer funding? Peer to peer funding for small businesses works in the same way as regular investment. Potential investors will review the business plan provided by the borrower and make their decision based on the business' projected earnings. Investors who are impressed with the business's business plan will provide funding. In some cases, a company will need to submit audited financial statements to determine if they are eligible for funding from the investors. Once they are accepted into a program, the companies can start receiving funding from any and all investors.

Peer to peer lending companies make it easy for entrepreneurs to raise money. The companies take the risk, while still maintaining the ability to control a part of the business. Typically, these are small businesses looking for start up capital, but they do not have to meet a minimum amount of capital requirements. Because there are no minimum amounts of start up capital, there are also no written guarantees that the business will succeed. As long as the business plans are sound, and the business is able to generate an adequate amount of its own revenue, then it is very likely that it will be successful.

There are two major types of funding used by these companies: (a) Angel Investors, which are experienced venture capitalists; and (b) Seed Capital, which are provided by businesses looking to raise funding. Angel investors are people who generally finance start ups for personal use and therefore do not have a vested interest in the success of the company offering them financing. Seed Capital, on the other hand, is more direct. It comes from a group of investors who feel strongly that a company has the potential to be a success. Both of these methods of equity financing can provide great value to the entrepreneur because they are not limited to any one funding source. The downside, however, is that they can be more difficult to find, and require much more intense negotiating skills from the entrepreneur than traditional loans from banks and other financial institutions.


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