Past life Regression (or PLR) is a process of retrieving memories of previous lives or incarnations by means of a hypnosis or meditation.

Many religions (Hinduism, Bhuddism, etc) believe in the concept of reincarnation and past llife regression can aid in personal growth and healing of people with psychological or physical problems. By reliving or discovering previous experiences or traumas, a person can identify the origin of his/her problem whether it is a phobia or a disability.

It is well know that Past Life Regression is useful for:

• Treating phobias which seem to be unconnected to an experience in the current life
• Understanding the dynamics of relationship (intimate and non-intimate)
• Understanding patterns which inexplicably occur in your life (emotional patterns, physical ailments, etc)
• Treatment of trauma or other issues which you have faced in this life
• Troubling behaviour and attitude patterns that have persisted over time, despite repeated attempts to

There are some newer areas in which past life therapy is being applied as well, that are quite exciting and rewarding. Rather than going after traumatic or troubling memories, they focus on positive experiences. These areas include:

• Accessing strengths and accomplishments from prior lifetimes that can be brought forward to increase
confidence and effectiveness in the present
• Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; this can bring a sense of balance and peace when
undergoing difficult times, fortifying us to work through our temporary difficulties
• Clarifying direction and life purpose by viewing one’s blueprint for this lifetime
• Finding prior lifetimes shared with current loved ones, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are
indeed never parted from those we love
• Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance that is available from the "interlife," (spiritual realms between
lifetimes) where our higher mind and/or guiding ones can assess our progress and give direction to us for
our current lifetime
• Strengthening the clarity of the spiritual nature of our existence.

Here are a few examples of PLR's (Past Life Regressions) Which Dellaina has facilitated. This should serve to indicate what happens in a regression and what benefits a regression can have on an individual. All names and personal details have been amended to ensure confidentiality. All concerned have consented to having their experiences published.


Sheila came to see me suffering from depression, although she was only 27 years old, she had been on antidepressant for over five years. Sheila desperately wanted to come off them, as she found the side effects numbing and felt like a robot with no happiness and no future. She had tried many times to come off the medication, only to collapse into emotional chaos and pain so severe she had tried to take her own life.

We looked back into Sheila’s life and on the surface all looked well. She was a teacher at a language school and loved travelling. She had worked in Africa and loved the people. She had never really felt happy in her ‘skin’, and related much more with the people of other cultures. Her relationships this far, had all been with men from other countries, they had gone reasonably well except they had turned out to be great friendships more than anything else, and Sheila could not understand why.

Soon all was revealed. During regression Sheila went back to the Americas about two hundred years prior. She lived on a large cotton plantation which her family owned and there we many Negro slaves working on the plantation. At first all looked normal, her mother worked in the home, and her father was often out on the farm. Then things became a little more sinister; Sheila heard muffled cries in the barn and followed the sounds. Being a young child she was able to hide but was terrified at what she saw. Her father was raping a Negro woman and was also whipping her till she bled.

As we moved through the regression, it was apparent that her mother knew and saw it as ‘purging the devil from the black people’ and treated it as a religious act. Sheila spent many hours sitting in a large tree with a friend of hers, the daughter of this woman she had seen in the barn. They were good friends; this
was a secret, as Sheila was not allowed to play with the ‘devils children’. After a while Sheila realised this girl was not black like her parents but a lot lighter in skin colour, she then realised that this child was her half sister borefrom her fathers abuse to this girls mother. There was much cruelty that happened on this farm; although the Negro men at times tried to rise up against their oppressor, were met with very violent deaths.

There was an air of darkness over the land, although the beauty was breath taking. At the end of that incarnation, indeed there was an uprising, the husband of the woman her father had been abusing murdered her father. The slaves crossed the Georgian River to escape and freedom welcomed them. Sheila was left hiding in the tree, she hated her mother, and had lost her friend, and felt very alone. In that moment she hated the colour of her skin and related it to cruelty and a living hell. Sheila fell from the tree and broke her neck, her soul could not go on, but she has learnt and seen much, in her very short life.

Sheila could now understand many things about her relationships, and fears of getting close to people, her coldness towards western people, and how she had closed her heart. Sheila was amazed what she had learnt.
Sheila moved overseas so I have no further information on the future outcome this experience had for her. However, I thought this case was very important to include.


Peter and Julie had been in a relationship for about sixteen years. Although they loved each other dearly, whenever peter mentioned marriage or starting a family Julie ran away. There were long periods of separation and arguments, Julie felt pressured and suffocated by the thought of this. Peter however, thought it was just a matter of making a commitment to they is relationship.
Finally, Julie decided that if they did not resolve it now, it was time to seriously consider a permanent separation.

When Julie went into her regression she was in India, she had a simple life but was very content in her small village. Everyday, she would go with her young son, to the river to wash the clothes and put them on the shoreline to dry. One day she was distracted while talking to a neighbour, it was only a minute that she turned away.

However, in that short moment her young son drowned. Julie was hysterical, and wept and trembled “Its all my fault, I should have been watching him”. When her husband appeared on the river bank he was so over come with grief, he became very angry, he blamed her for the death of the child and she had a double pain to carry now. Her guilt inside was huge and after sometime, she was unable to stand her husband or what he had said to her. The feeling of guilt was so great, that she stowed away into the night without any food or cloths. She walked for days, weeks and finally exhausted collapsed and died. Her parting thought was ”It is all my fault”, but she also hated her husband for not giving her any love or support when she desperately needed it.

Here they were again, Julie realised that she was unable to give herself fully to Peter, she didn’t trust him and she was still really hurt by what had happened in the past. She decided in that moment to forgive him and her self and finally commit to their relationship.


Sarah came to see me at the age of 46 when she has been diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, liver and pancreas. It was a dire situation, and the hospital refused to operate and gave her a matter of months to live.

Luckily Sarah was a very open woman and although it was a new field for her, was willing to do anything at this point, to over come what seemed like the impossible.

From the outside her life seemed to be wonderful, she had two grown up children living in other countries, both doing well in their chosen careers. Her and her husband both had a very good income, he was contracted to large companies as a mathematician and she was a teacher and librarian. They had a beautiful home that they had designed and had built together, and it was full of beautiful art and collections from many years of exotic holidays and travel.

They also had a large garden, Sarah’s pride and joy. She planted many beautiful flowers and tress, had created a water fountain and planted many fresh herbs. Her father was a famous actor in England and she had enjoyed a privileged up bringing, with a doting mother’s love. She was a vegetarian and enjoyed a very healthy lifestyle.

I worked with Sarah, for three weeks daily, and during that time Sarah agreed to some past life regression therapy. Her husband on the other hand, was a very closed man, he was very dominant and academic. He did not believe in the therapy, and would frequently interrupt our sessions. One day when we managed to have time and space to work alone together, Sarah regressed back about 700 years to England. In that lifetime, she was aware of living in a large castle, with beautiful gardens. She had beautiful clothes, and riches far out weighing the poor peasants who lived in villagers near buy, struggling to survive.

In this lifetime, she loved her garden and sitting by a large lake, often communing with nature, the abundance of wildlife, and flora that were about her. After she had settled into this personality, she became very aware of a deep pain within her, which quickly opened way to a great fear.

She soon recognised that the problem was indeed her husband, and the situation she had found herself in. Her husband was the king and had a lot of power in the country, he had many possessions from wars and conquering lands, his army, had raided over very many years.

She realised that somehow she had been forced into a situation of imprisonment, for she was alone in this place with no friends and was unable to leave the grounds. She was also unable express her feelings, for what she had seen of his cruelty and domination. For she feared the consequences could cost her, her life. In his way he seemed to give her all he could, in the form of material wealth and belongings but he had not given her his heart. As time went on, her sorrow and fear turned into great anger and bitterness, fearing for her life, this was all suppressed but became un bareable. One day she took her own life,

in an attempt to leave behind the great pain she could no longer bare to live with. The king was distraught when his wife died, and had no idea that there was anything wrong, as she had never once grieved her un-happiness. When he died some years later, he went to his grave still never knowing what had happened to his wife.

While viewing this life, a usually very quiet and reserved Sarah, bursts into floods of tears and realised this man was her husband now, and gain she found herself in a similar situation. She no longer wanted to work, the long hours to support this life style, her husband required. She didn’t want to go to the expensive restaurants and buy the best furniture.

She wanted to work in the healing arts, this had always been her secret passion, yet she had never dare mention this. Sarah wanted to retrain, and the cost would mean at least two years of living on one income. Although they could easily afford it, she feared her husband’s response, as her husband did not think this way, and so she had given up on the idea without ever telling him.

Sarah made a decision In that moment, and realised her illness was a suppression of so much pain and the loss of her voice and power over a period of nearly thirty years of marriage. She also realised that her soul had shown her this past life, because a similar dynamic was now at play and this time it had to be resolved in another way.

Sarah got the courage to tell her husband, not about the regression work, but what she really had wanted for her life and the changes that she wanted to make. Her husband though surprised, was now desperate to make sure his
wife was not lost to her illness, and agreed to any request that she made.

Within a few months her illness went into total regression and no cancer cells were show on her last visit to the hospital, the Drs deemed it remarkable and called it “spontaneous remission”. Sarah went through a huge transformation, her voice once timid and muffled was now loud and clear. She trained to be a naturopath and Reiki master. She joined a Reiki group, and surprisingly, her husband joined the group too and made some new friends!

Unfortunately it is not totally a happy ending. Gradually after time Sarah did not have the motivation or urgency of her illness any longer. She slipped back into old patterns, and her husband followed his. Five years later the illness again surfaced and this time Sarah lost her life.

I believe that much healing was achieved in those last five years of Sarah’s life, and we cannot always measure a successful story on life or death. Although life is precious, on a soul level we are eternal and our healing works on many levels.


Mark was married to Jane and they had met while Mark was working overseas.
Mark had been travelling around the world and had a very successful career. He was not intending to stay in America where he met Jane but they fell in love and got married there. It was a big wedding and Marks family few in from all over the world. Jane had a brother called John; they were very close and were constant companions. Mark and John became very close friends and Mark even asked John to be his best man at the wedding.

Four Years went by and Mark finally decided he would like to move back to Australia his home country. Jane was very excited at the idea, she had never been there, but wanted to find a new country to live, she had travelled a lot
before and was tired of the mundane life they had now got in America. Before they left John became very withdrawn and depressed, he hadn’t said why, but Jane and Mark thought, maybe he was upset, at the idea that they would now be living, on the other side of the world. Just before they left America, John announced that he had decided, he would go and visit them in a few months, with his partner. Jane and mark were really happy about this idea, and they all parted on goods, happy terms knowing they would meet up again shortly.

When Jane and Mark got to Australia things were not easy for them, it was difficult to get a job and they soon run out of savings, luckily they were staying with Marks family and this help a great deal. When John arrived with his partner some months later, circumstances had still not improved. John had great expectations, as to what Mark and Jane should do to make his trip with Sally enjoyable. Mark and Jane we every stressed trying to survive and could not help John in the way he had wanted. Jane and Mark finally got a small flat, as Mark eventually found a job. John and Sally moved in too.

The relationship between them all, became very strained and finally John started to get very aggressive and angry. He thought that he was not being looked after, had come a long way to visit, and that Mark and Jane should be much better hosts than they were.

One night an argument broke out and a vicious onslaught followed by John who attached Mark. When Jane tried to break it up he also attacked her, and the police were called. John ran off into the night hysterical and threatening to take his own life. All off this seemed so bizarre, over such a trivial argument and Mark and Jane could not understand John’s reaction.

Mark was at a Past life workshop a few years later, he had no contact with John since and Jane had also refused to contact her brother. During the regression Mark went back to Europe where he was heir to the throne, his younger brother was not happy about this. He enjoyed the power over the people and the status and wealth it brought. When his father died he attacked his younger brother and swords were drawn. Mark was imprisoned in the castle walls and left to die by his brother as he took over the throne. A short time later, a greater army attacked the castle and over threw John in support Of Mark as ruler (a just man like his father.) Again outside upon his release swords were drawn between Mark and John.

Mark did not kill John but made him leave and wonder the hills before his death. During that lifetime, it was also discovered that Jane had been Johns love interest and Mark had married her. This had created a huge rage and jealousy for John, as his brother seemed to have taken all of what he wanted in life.

Together they had come back to resolve the past. It took eight years, but john and Mark finally resolved their differences and Jane and John although distant still has contact. John never knew about the regression that Mark had done. However mark and Jane realised where his anger had come from and were able to forgive him for his action so many years before


Kate came to see me six years after a horrific situation that almost cost her her life.

Kate’s story started nearly eighteen years prior, when she had been in a very unhappy marriage to an angry and possessive man. Finally about eighteen months prior, Kate finally got up the courage to leave the marriage and
about six months later, met a man that loved and cared for her, she was so happy.

A last, Kate thought, her life was about to begin. In the background her ex husband was becoming increasingly bitter and angry and after discovering her new relationship flew into an absolute rage. He took a gun, went to her new home, shot and killed her partner and attempted the same on Kate. Kate had survived, only just, but had lost a limb and bares permanently scares from the bullets to her stomach. The physical scars were nothing Kate cried, to the grief and loss she felt of loosing her mate who she loved so dearly. I was astounded by the courage of this woman, only six months after this terrible nightmare, here she was ready for resolution.

When Kate went into her regression, she found herself a man and a King in Scotland, many hundreds of year’s prior, (we will call him Charles.) Charles had an enemy who was also a king, in a neighbouring country, (we will call him George) and there had been a truce after many hundreds of years the countries in battle. There was a beautiful lady, who was daughter to a lord in another country. Both men set their sights on her as a wife, and this poor woman became the target of yet another war.

Finally both men agreed that they would let the lady choose, which man would be her husband. This was most unusually in these times, as woman usually had little power, and their fathers, then their husbands, dictated the way their lives should follow. However, when the day arrived and Charlotte chose Charles, George flew into a great rage, then retreated for a few months, scheming as to what move to make. He had been publicly humiliated and lost the deal, something he had not expected and had no intention of accepting. Sometime later, after Charles and Charlotte were married, George followed Charlotte one day, on a visit to her family. He took a knife and slit her throat, she was left to die.

When Charles found out, he was heartbroken and soon his pain became rage, he went after George. Swords were drawn, and Charles very nearly killed him. However, in the eleventh hour, he was over come with mercy and did not want any further bloodshed. He steeped over George and spared him his life.

So here we were again, the same three people in different bodies playing out an old story, and yet again George was unable to let go. The story does not end here, two years later Kate came to see me again. She wanted to move on with her life and was ready to open up to the possibility of a new love in her life. There was however a big problem, George had not been imprisoned but was in a psychiatric ward. Shockingly, it was a real possibility he could be released, and as they had three teenage sons together, feared he may find her and finish off what he had started. She also feared what she would tell a would be partner, about her past, for surely he could kill again? And the next partner could be the target.

This time Kate realised that she had to forgive her husband from the past, and realised his rage had been within his soul for thousands of years, and by fearing him she was feeding him and was stuck. I guided Kate into a process, where she was bravely able to forgive George, send him love and see him as a lost soul, who needed love more than anything.

She cut the cord, and was able to leave a lot lighter than she had arrived, with a deep knowing that all would be well. Less than one year later, unexpectedly George died from an illness. They were both free….

I am still in awe of Kate’s courage, loving and forgiving heart, she is an inspiration to anyone who has suffered at the hands of another’s actions. We are still in contact and Kate is working on a book about her story.

Author's Bio: 

Dellaina hails from a small island off the coast of France (Jersey) and has been in New Zealand since 1994. She grew up in a haunted house in St Helier, and this experience presented her with many questions at a young age. These questions motivated her search for the meaning of life, death and beyond.

Even then she realised that the basic scientific or religious explanations of these experiences were insufficient, and even more questions arose from the answers she received. She realised that something was amiss and so began Dellaina’s quest to find out more.

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