What is Our Personality?
We can define that the personality is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviors that make a person unique. Psychologists have studied human personalities for years and have come to a number of conclusions. First of all, it is believed that certain traits in our character are hereditary, yet things like our values and beliefs are derived from socialization and unique experiences, mostly from childhood.
Based on that statement, it’s likely that the personality of you and anyone you know is based on:
 Social experiences (especially from childhood)
 Unique experiences that you have had in your lifetime
 The environment in which you grew up and how you had to act.
I would like to share some tips to improve your personality based on some psychological findings.

Be Honest With Your Current Traits

First we should understand that every one of us has our own character in our life because it became from our heredity or childhood. Therefor we should realize that it is nature and it can be change by our self. So what you would have to do is, be honest with your current traits and ready for the next steps to improve your personality.

Define the Qualities You Want to Have

First you should analyze what are the qualities that I need or what qualities will make me a good person. Here I would like to indicate some of my qualities that I want to be and interested in such as to be
 Independent
 Honest
 Positive
 Fun / Good sense of humor
 Trustworthy etc.
You should list your qualities that you want to be to improve your personality.

Visualize Yourself

I can strictly say that visualization is a best process that will bring what you need in your life. Because it is the one of main secrets to achieve your goals in your life. Therefore you should visualize yourself to have those qualities which will improve your personality in daily basis.

Act as If They Are Present

You should act whatever you dreamed. Day dreaming is not happen until we take the correct action to achieve it. Therefore if you want to be positive then be positive, if you wish to be honest then start implementing that in your life. You must practice to have those qualities in everyday life. You should remember that “Practice will make man perfect”. So you must follow your qualities to improve your personality in everyday life.

To achieve this target we should challenge our self to improve our personality. It is simple when we practice. I hope this information will change your personality when you practice in your everyday life.

Author's Bio: 

I am A.M Azhar. BSc degree holder and currently reading psychology for further studies. I am interested in writing personnel development articles according to psychology.