What is online affiliate marketing is a very good question that is often asked by people who are looking for a good way to make money online. The answer is different for many different reasons, however most people will agree that it is a much better way to earn a living than most of the other options available.

What Is Online Affiliate Marketing - For Single Parents

It is a way to make additional working from home while the kids are asleep, playing or away for awhile. Because you will be working for yourself you will have the flexibility to work during the times of day that work best for you.

What Is Online Affiliate Marketing - For College Students

Its a way to earn money online so that they do not have to depend on their parents for extra money to buy clothes, games or hang out with friends. Most college students love the concept of doing the work of setting up a profitable system once and getting paid from it over and over again.

What Is Online Affiliate Marketing - For Under Employed Workers

Its an opportunity to create an additional source of income that has the potential to replace their current source of income. This is a very powerful motivator for people who feel they should be getting paid a lot more than what they are currently earning.

What Is Online Affiliate Marketing - For Retired People

Its an opportunity to supplement their fixed income and improve their quality of live. Because of improvements in healthcare and better lifestyle choices many people are living longer and healthier lives. Working online allows them to continue contributing value to others while earning additional income at the same time.

Basically it is a commission based online business model used by merchants or product owners and affiliates. It allows the merchant or product owners to setup an affiliate program that will allow people who join this program to become affiliates of the product or merchant.

The people who join an affiliate program earn commissions as a result of the number of sales made through their affiliates link. If ten or more visitors are sent to a merchants site and six of those visitors makes a purchase then the affiliate earns a commission on all six of those sales.

Most merchants will have a tracking system which allows them to “cookie” each visitor and identify each visitor with the affiliate link that referred them. By using such a cookie system they can then track the visitor and should they return within a certain, specified time period and then make a purchase or even an additional purchase then the referring affiliate will be given credit and receive commissions on those sells as well.

This is what makes being an affiliate such a great money making opportunity for so many people. You have a tremendous opportunity to make a lot of money over time.
The challenge for most people is that they do not want to put in the required amount of work in order to create an effective system that will produce the desired results.

Even though it is a very simple system to understand and use, it does take time and a lot of effort before you will see any consistant on going results. However if you are willing to do what it takes to become successful, then it could very well be the best financial decision that you make.

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